block adobe photoshop cc

Block Adobe Photoshop CC Activation using Windows HOSTS file

Block Adobe Photoshop CC activation outbound link using windows host file or firewall is a common question for everyone.


I am not a professional Graphic Designer, but sometimes I like to play with Adobe tools like Photoshop CC. As I dont use it for professional works, I decided to not purchase, instead just use the Trial version.

But almost everyone know that Adobe allow 30 Days Trial, after then it will keep showing activation message.

So, as a hobbyist Designer, how I can use Adobe Photoshop CC without activation? Yes, there is a way. You can use either Windows firewall to block all outbound link from Adobe, or you may also use Windows host file to block those URL.

Today I am not going to share how to block any software outbound link using Firewall, because I dont want to write a very long article. You can search on Google about how to block any software or may be how to block Adobe Photoshop CC using Windows Firewall.

Update Note: A lot of my readers asking solution to activate Adobe Photoshop and others adobe products like Adobe Premiere pro, After effects, illustrator etc. I know purchasing from original vendor is quite expensive for us, that’s why we use almost all premium software for free. I will share activation method bellow of this post very soon.

By the way, You can use this method to block windows host for all Adobe software such as:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Any Version
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe After Effects CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe Photoshop CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe Lightroom CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe Illustrator CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe InDesign: CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe Animate: CC/CS Any Version
  • Adobe Audition: CC/CS Any Version
  • And all of the Adobe software, off course Any Version.

And you are looking for a way to block using Windows host file, then this article is for your. Bellow you will get a proper way to block Adobe Photoshop CC activation using Windows host file.

STEP One: First open your notepad using Administration permission. Search for notepad and right click on it to see the option to run as Administration permission.

block adobe photoshop cc


STEP Two: After opening Notepad window, click on file and Go to Windows > system32 > drivers > etc folder. Here you will see a file name host. If you don’t see, then please change file format from text to all files at the bottom. You can see bellow image for better understanding.

block adobe photoshop cc

STEP Three: Now its time to edit host file using notepad. Copy link from bellow and paste at the bottom of your open host file in notepad. And after then don’t forget to save it.

block adobe photoshop cc

Block Adobe Photoshop CC Activation

If you successfully did everything properly, then you can be relax about Photoshop CC activation blocking. Because from now you will be able to use Photoshop CC trial as many days you want.

Thanks and wishing you best of luck.


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  • You are just awesome, Yap awesome. You dont know how much time I saved, just because of you. I am really appreciate for your help. This is first time I got a real tech solution from a real tech person.

  • I tried this last night and it worked! But when I tried to open it the next day, it doesn’t work anymore. I tried to redo it but it still doesn’t work.

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