Book: Freelancing – An Independent Journey

Freelancing : An Independent Journey Shameem Reza

If you want to quit your 9 to 5 job and work from the comfort of your home, be your own boss then there is no alternative solution than Freelancing.

Any individual who is working for multiple clients or companies without being permanently employed by any one of them is called a freelancer. And  Freelancing is really an awesome career.

Today I will not bore you with my personal story, instead that I am going to share my freelancing career experience with you. Off course for Free.

Possibly I started my Freelancing career on 2009 without having prior knowledge on how to write proposal, how to place bids, even how to manage client works.

I was lucky enough as latter I meet so many great mentors, who provides guide and resources about freelancing aka online career development. Still I am learning to develop myself, probably will continue to learn. 🙂

So, why I wrote this Book? What is my purpose? I know your subconscious mind want to ask these kind of questions.

I used to suffer a lot at the beginning of my freelancing career. Even still now lot of people suffering same problem to build their career as a freelancer. This book is my attempt to give something back to them. It might help people to get started and advance in building career as a Freelancer.

In this Book, I have shared the exact same strategies I use in crafting my proposals to attract hundreds of clients and make thousands of dollars. If I can be a successful freelancer, then following my strategy anyone could be a freelancer.

Remember, success is not an easy words nor easy to achieve. My “Freelancing – An Independent Journey” book will help you to take your first step in right way. Rest things like hard working, patience, skills development etc depends on you.

Finally, I have to thank my lovely wife and some students for inspiring me to write this book.

Note that, Freelancing is more about making your mind to be a freelancer. Once you have made up your mind, the next step is to get the ball rolling.

Download “Freelancing – An independent Journey” book for FREE to join the Freelancing tribe and be a successful Freelancer.

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