Free Resources to Grow Your Blog

Free Resources to Grow Your Blog

In the past few years, blogging has evolved to a great extent, and several platforms and tools have now emerged to make our blogging journey a bit easier. Do you want to know what tools and resources you need to grow your blog? I will tell you below. In order to be successful online, you need to have a fantastic marketing plan. There are different tools I use to effectively grow my blog on a daily basis.

Blogging is an art. However, you do not need to be like Picasso to create a compelling blog post, nor do you need to be an art-fan to appreciate it. If you are a blogger wondering how to grow your blog business to boost your SEO rankings and get more clients and visitor, here are 35 tools to help you grow your business and blog:

Free Content tools

  • Zenpen   – Minimal writing tool for the web
  • Buzzsumo  – Analyze the best performing content
  • Ruzzit  – Find the most shared content on the web
  • Google trends  –  Discover search trends
  • Portent  – Content idea generator *Blog topic generator — Blog topic generator
  • Yesware  - Email tracking for Gmail
  • Monkeytest – Scan your site for common JavaScript mistakes

Free SEO tools

  • Ose  –  A comprehensive tool for link analysis
  • Openlinkprofiler  - The freshest backlinks for free
  • Keywordtool  –  Google keyword suggestions for free
  • Browseo  - How search engines see your websites
  • Siteliner  –  Crawl your site for common SEO issues like duplicate content & broken links.

Free Graphics

  • Logodust  –  Free to use beautiful logo designs
  • 365psd  –  Download a free psd every day
  • Coolors  –  Color schemes generator
  • Unsplash  –  High quality photos, like the one I used above
  • Dafont  - Library of fantastic free fonts
  • Makeappicon  –  Resize your image to the correct app icon formats
  • Perfect icons  – A free social icons creation tool
  • Ui names  – Generate names for personas in your mockups

Free Customer Service tools

  • Typeform   – Beautiful survey form builder
  • Tally  –  Create instant polls
  • Batch  –  Send personalized push notifications

Free Invoicing Tools

  • Invoicetome  –  Invoice generator. Very useful.
  • FIG  –  Invoice generator. Very easy to use.
  • Slimvoice  –  Insanely simple invoicing. I really like this site.

Free Coding tools

  • Window resizer  – Eemulate different browser sizes to test your website. Must use tool.
  • Searchcode  –  Search over a billion lines of code. Another awesome site like Github.
  • Codyhouse  – A free library of html, css and js code nuggets. Daily to go code resource.

Free Courses

Free Legal Docs

  • Shakelaw  –  Free for personal use.
  • Docracy  –  An open collection of free legal documents.

Google Chrome Extensions


This is your time to shine and make an impression not only on the host of the blog, but potential readers who can become part of your blog community. Be sure to make a post that stands out among the others. Put in the time, research, and love that is needed to create valuable content that your ideal reader needs to read.

Keep up the incredible work on your own blog and before you know you’ll have a dozen opportunities knocking at your door or inbox. Guest blogging is a valuable tool you can add to your growth strategy toolbox.

Best of Luck Mates.

40 thoughts on “Free Resources to Grow Your Blog

  1. I really agree with you, without a marketing plan, then a blogging aspiration will definitely fail at the end. Thank you for outlining all the important tools needed for this.

  2. I really agree with you, without a marketing plan, then a blogging aspiration will definitely fail at the end. Thank you for outlining all the important tools needed for this.

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