How to Hire a SEO Consultant and Improve Your SEO

Hire a SEO Consultant Shameem

Hiring a SEO consultant for digital marketing strategy and website ranking is very important for every business.

A well-ranked website will help you increase your sales, get more business prospects and position your brand in the minds of consumers. Appearing first in Google search results and other search engines becomes fundamental and that’s when you need the help of a SEO expert.

Today we will know what a SEO consultant is and why a web ranking strategy is needed. We will also know what aspects to take into account and where to find the right help from a SEO consultant.

We will see several key aspects to consider and in the end you will be able to choose better who to hire.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO serves your website optimal content and resolve queries that users make through the web. The key to this is the use of keywords.

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If you Google a generic term like “oasis“, perhaps among the first results you will find content related to the British rock band. But if you are looking for something more specific like a water dispenser or desert formations known by that name, you should enter other terms, such as “oasis of water” or “desert oasis”.

These are search terms that people use most frequently to find more precisely what they are looking for are keywords.

So, the success of SEO ranking lies in the inclusion of such keywords in your web content. In addition, it is important that the user has ease to navigate on your site. So are aspects such as load speed and that the content is well written and presented in an interesting way.

That is the most basic concept of web ranking. And this is where the role of SEO consultant is fundamental.



We have already seen the general notion of what the issue of web page optimization is all about. Now, a SEO consultant is an expert in web optimization, both in the recommendations and in the implementation of tools and strategies aimed at ranking your website in search engines.

The functions of the consultant you hire must be fully focused on achieving one goal: that your page appears in the first results on the internet.

We know that SEO is also a vital part of our marketing strategies. It’s as important as your social media strategy and it needs to be given proper attention.


Some key functions of the SEO consultant


STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF YOUR WEB SITE: This is achieved through the use of tools such as Google Analytics or other programs that allow you to view the current traffic on your website. You can check your visitors by country, region, age range, interests, etc, visible through lines or ranges of time.

TIPS TO OPTIMIZE THE SITE: This refers to the changes needed for your website to load quickly, look on any device and be easy to navigate, as well as pleasant to view.

The quality of images used and the legibility of the site play an important role here.

The images should be of good quality, but not too heavy. They should be able to look good from a mobile phone or a Laptop or desktop computer.

In addition, the paragraphs and sentences of your content should be short and easy to read.

Here, SEO consultant could even recommend outsourcing a content editor to your blog. So that a drafting expert takes care of the form, as well as the inclusion of keywords that the consultant recommends after their analysis.

KEYWORD RESEARCH: As I already said, the SEO consultant is in charge of auditing your site data to find out what those keywords are, that will make your website position over those of your business competition.

ON PAGE SEO: This means, the content of your website or blog should be well organized and indexed, as well as the URLs, titles and contents include keywords. Also, there are internal links between different contents of your site, etc.

Another important point is, you should be able to analyze the content of the competition and be able to offer proposals to make yours better.

LINK BUILDING: A SEO consultant will also have knowledge of techniques to obtain and carry out an analysis of sites that have content linked to your website. This is known as link building, which means something like Link Building.

This helps your site to better position itself in search engines by serving as a reference on other sites, giving your website or major Domain Authority (DA) blog. Of course, it has rules, as it is not worth simply exchanging links between one site and another. There are many parameters that search engines like Google take into account to give more weight to your site.

In short, these are the main topics that the professional you will hire must master in order to offer you a good web ranking service.



Now that we’ve seen what a SEO consultant is doing and what the basic knowledge is required, it’s time to see what to take into account when choosing:


When it comes to hiring a SEO consultant, of course, he will tell you his experience or tell you about the technical studies he has on SEO.

There are several ways to identify the best candidate even if you don’t have much experience in web, digital marketing or search engine ranking.

First, ask him to show you some of his work done with growth charts. I mean, tell you where else he’s worked. How he have increased the search volume and traffic of said site from then to until now. Also what strategies he have used in each case.

He must show you at least a couple of significant cases.


One thing you can do when you request his portfolio or samples of your work is verify and consult with other customers who have worked with that person.


A good SEO consultant should be able to take care both to review the statistical data of your website, as well as keyword research, link building, etc. And counting, for this purpose, with the right tools.

So every step to implement is backed up by numerical data. Why each change will be made and what aspects will be improved each time.

What kind of tools?

  • SEO analysis of your website using Google Analytics or other web analytics tools
  • Optimization of images, with good resolution and not too heavy
  • Keywords search (monthly search volume and secondary keywords)
  • Find backlinks and possible sites to make link building
  • Readability analysis and inclusion of keywords in web content
  • And others tools related to SEO.

He must tell you what tools will be used and for what purpose. And he must be able to do it on his own, as well as delegate and coordinate a team to do the work.


Web ranking is a job that will require a lot of time, constant communication and access to your website’s statistical data, as well as the conversion processes you implement in your business to convert visitors to leads.

Therefore, it is important when hiring a SEO Consultant, you feel that it generates confidence, because it clearly expresses the work it does and because it objectively shows you to be a connoisseur of the subject.

Don’t forget, fluid communication is the essential key to a good job for your search engine ranking.


Hire a SEO Consultant shameem


Some key questions you can ask are:

How and how often the communication will take place: Remember, they must be in constant communication. Any major changes made to the site should be discussed with you first before approval.

How much comparative report of statistics will give you: He must report periodically the changes and statistics shown by the tools implemented. It can be weekly, monthly, even quarterly. Agree on this.

What are the goals to achieve objectively: It must offer you a concrete plan to position your site. In addition, a real and measurable growth parameter. In what period of time will they achieve what objectives. This parameter can be re-established every certain period of time, that is the achievements will be progressive.

A key question: Watch out for anyone who tells you that they guarantee you will appear as Number 1 on Google.

The idea is to scale and appear among the first results for relevant terms. But remember that search results vary depending on the terms sought.

Therefore, no one can guarantee that your page is always the first to appear. This should be well known by an experienced consultant. Someone to say yes, probably not a professional.



Rates can depend as much on the experience of the freelancer. Another factor is the work that your business website or blog requires.

If it is a simple site or already has some optimization and requires little work, the cost of a seo consultant will be lower than if it is a very large page. It will also be bigger if the page was created long ago and no improvements have been made since.

It is important that you know results require time and work. They will not take place in a single month or in a few days. This is a job that will take a few months to start seeing changes. The strategy will be refined through the analysis of the data obtained.

In other words, you can think about hiring the seo service for your site strategy for at least 4 or 6 months. Prices can range from US $100 a month for small websites or with little work. But it will all depends on the consultant’s evaluation of the site.

Important: Be careful, whoever offers you a price too cheap or far below the normal range of other offers. He may not be able to do the job and you don’t get the results you need.

That is why paying attention to the above points is crucial to choosing a good SEO consultant.


Final Words

As you can see, the work of a SEO consultant can be very helpful. Finding a good SEO expert to hire is something you shouldn’t take lightly. You must be knowledgeable and able to implement by yourself all the areas that are necessary for Google ranking. Also know about other seekers like Bing, Yahoo! and more.

Think that the money you use in your web ranking strategy in search engines, if you do it well, will have a return on the investment very profitable.

Launching your SEO ranking strategy right now must be a priority. By hiring a freelance consultant you can make everything easier and with quality results.

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