Keys to chose a good Brand name

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A good Brand name positively influences the marketing of your business.

If you want to differentiate between your competitors and position yourself in the market by communicating the personality of your brand, a good name will help you in large part to complete this task.

The strongest brands achieve, through emotional connections with their customers, their names are remembered beyond the attributes of a product or service itself.

Think of the actors and singers who change their names, do you think they only change it for fun? Of course not! They modify their names strategically because they know that in this way they achieve a greater impact on the audience.

Let’s see some examples of famous people who changed their names, you’ll be surprised !

  • Farrokh Bulsara is Freddie Mercury
  • Ralph Lifshitz is Ralph Lauren
  • Annie Mae Bullock is Tina Turner
  • Gordon Matthew Thomas Summer is Sting
  • David Robert Jones is David Bowie
  • Allan Stewart Königsberg is Woody Allen
  • Norma Jean Mortensen is Marilyn Monroe

Surely you’re wondering where to start, so I want to help you by giving tips and techniques that can be useful when taking the match for choosing the right name for your brand.

Things to Consider chose a good Brand name

There are attributes that are key and will favor you when choosing a name for your brand.

Beyond the objective of differentiation of other brands, there are basic characteristics that every name must have.

1. It must be unique

If you have a name that is the same or similar to another business, it will be very likely that the audience will confuse you and relate your brand to an item that may not be related to your own. Also, and worse, it could generate a legal problem to have the same name as a brand that is already registered.

2. It must be short and simple

A name with few letters will be remembered more easily. When creating it, consider that it should be able to be pronounced in such a way that you do not have to be spelling it every time a person asks for it.

It often happens that once you choose the name of your brand you are so used to saying it or writing it again and again. You end up forgetting that may be it is not so easy and intuitive for the other people who want to look for you.

Also, imagine that a person is walking down the street or traveling in some means of transport and on the road there is a publicity poster where your brand is named, the first thing you want is for your name to quickly impregnate itself in your mind and then be present when you decide where to buy a product / service like yours. This will only happen if the name is clear enough to read in a matter of seconds.

You must not forget that, despite living in a world where the internet reigns, word of mouth continues to exist and is a very important means of dissemination; for this reason, you should try to ensure that people can communicate your name without difficulties.

3. Create a positive image for your brand

The image you generate for your brand is very important, and this must be aligned with the choice of name for your business.

That is why it seems important to mention that although the name should not literally tell what your company does, you can create a positive image with graphic elements that support the essence of your brand (what it does, its values, philosophy, etc. .). Make sure it represents the desired image for your brand.

4. It must be lasting

The name of your company must pass the test of time. Consumers like to see that products and services are renewed, but they will always look for solidity and consistency in the brands where they will buy; and that is achieved with a company that provides confidence and security.

5. Must be adaptable

Consider that if you are going to have a website, the name must be designed in such a way that it adapts correctly to achieve a good domain. Keep in mind that maybe the name you want so much for your brand may already be being used in a domain and this could force you to back down in the process of choosing the name.

name for your brand shameem

Tips to create the name of your company

Now that you know the importance of brand name and what are the essential attributes to be effective, it’s time to get to work!

1. Ask yourself what drives your business

For most brands, the goal is simply to create a descriptive and memorable name. But before considering a verbal identity for your company or product, a brand must first figure out what the promise they will make to their customers and what makes it unique.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself in relation to your business are: what is the purpose of my company? What are we different about? What are our advantages over our competitors?

2. Do a brainstorming (brainstorming)

Write in different papers, words and phrases that characterize your business, product and / or service. Do not deprive yourself of writing what you feel is necessary, however ridiculous it may sound.

A word or phrase can trigger other ideas that can help you create the name. Brainstorming is characterized precisely by not analyzing every thought, but must be an action that lets the imagination flow.

Once you have the list of key words and phrases, you should filter many of them to get a shorter series with names that are simple, recognizable and easy to pronounce.

If at the moment you are not sure of what you have chosen, I recommend that you pause the election process and go back to another moment to rest and clarify the ideas.

Once you are ready, make sure that what you have chosen complies with the aforementioned and most important of all, verify what you associate that word or phrase with when you read it.

I also suggest that you ask other people for opinions to receive comments that are totally external to your brand. This can also help you clarify the picture.

Finally when you have decided on one, ask yourself: does it really stand out and differentiate from the other words and my competitors? Is my business activity quickly understandable? Did I make sure it was unique, simple, short? and adaptable?

If the answer is yes, you are the winner!

And now tell me, what is your experience creating the name of your brand?

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