8 Tips to Make a Perfect Content Strategy

Perfect Content Strategy by Shameem

If you want to know how to make a perfect content strategy, then you have found the right post written by a real content marketing expert.

For every brand, content marketing is the vital part within digital marketing plans and the art of communication between the company and its consumers, as well as its potential customers.

Make a Content Strategy that Work

1. Know your target and define your buyer persona

Before knowing how to make a content strategy, it is really important to have full knowledge of what kind of users you want your messages to reach. For this point it is essential that you know how a buyer persona need to develop. This is the first point when you want to develop a content marketing strategy.

The underlying reason for this is that brands should not develop content for the brand but for users. It means, the brand must look for how it solves consumer’s needs and not how it sells it.

Example: If a brand wants to interest a housewife to buy a vehicle, it should not make contents of the car, but content that interests her so that she ends up knowing the vehicle.

You can read a content strategy case study by Brain Dean. If you analyze the content, you can see that the content is always oriented to solve consumer problems.

Therefore a good development of a buyer persona, will end in the development of interesting and attractive content for them.

2. Develop quality content

The creation of quality content is fundamental part. Note that a good content strategy should not create by intuition.

You should start with the keyword analysis. There are several platforms that can help you do this analysis. I recommend using the Google Keyword Planner, Semrush or Ahrefs. Once you do, you can proceed to create the content. Don’t forget to create it with SEO techniques.

3. Knows the distribution channels.

Not only it is enough to know who our audience is, but you have to take into account the distribution channels through which you are going to amplify that content. If you do it the right way, you will have a greater reach in your favor.

Additional you will gain more knowledge about what you are looking for and in what format you are doing it. Keep in mind that social media and native advertising are spectacular platforms to do so.

4. Creates content with value information.

It should not be forgotten that content strategies go beyond the mere description of each company’s products. Remember that the content should not be advertising, nor commercial, but educational. It aims to share information that is valuable and promotes customer loyalty.

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5. Loyalty your customers.

By producing valuable, interesting and attractive digital content, start your work of loyalty or catching new customers.

If you create good content it will be easier to loyalty them. You will find it interesting to create a relationship of trust towards the brand and its products from the subscription to your newsletter.

6. If you know how to do content strategy, you will be able to make your company known.

Understanding how to make content strategies and focus your efforts on creating content that solves concerns and problems of your potential consumers should be the focus of your brand.

If you do it right, and the content is indexed in search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing), based on a good SEO strategy, you will be able to capture customers who will know you from that content.

7. Plan and structure your content with a good editorial calendar

The organisation and structuring of the content strategy is essential and helps productivity. You must not forget that it is essential to have an editorial calendar. If you do it right, you can control all the content developed.

Not only to have a list, but also to be clear about the content to which Buyer persona was guided, about the keywords that are centered the strategy and objectives with each piece developed.

This editorial calendar should clarify the topics to be addressed, the frequency and sources, among others.

8. Measure the performance of your Google Search Console strategy

Last but not least, there is the measurement of the scope and effectiveness of our content strategy.

I recommend to use Google Search Console to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

If you learn how to operate such a platform, you can understand what content has been indexed by search engines, rank position in the search results, the volume of organic impressions and organic clicks among others. Note that with this research, you have to improve and expand the spectrum of our content.

A quality content is the king of Digital marketing and it always will be king. Plan your perfect content strategy and get more sales. If you follow this 8 content strategy tips, you will surely see a vital change in your content marketing results.

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