Success is Your choice

What’s it to be going? Success or failure? I was studying about which choices make you a better person, and today I am going to write few summery on it.

Let’s start with great comedian Demetri Martin’s quote. He said:

“I” equals all of the “ifs” added up over time. The “ifs,” those are the possibilities; that’s infinite for all of us. Every day there are just millions of them. Time, that’s finite for each of us; there is no question there.

We have 24 hours in a day. Everyone has a role model whom we follow. Interesting fact is, You and your role model have the same amount of time, 24 hours in a day. The only difference between them and you is what they do with their time and what you do with your time.

Since the only variable in this equation are the choices we make, to reach the best version of yourself you have to choose the right things to spend your time on.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” — J. K. Rowling

So, What are the right choices?

What should you spend your time on? Let’s be clear the habits with the highest Return Of Investment (ROI).

Be proactive

One of the great president of America Barack Obama said:

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.

Actually we can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose the way we react to what happens. What I mean by this is that it’s easy to be positive when things are going the way you want them to. But when things go the wrong way, we become pessimistic, forgetting about everything good in our lives.

Let me give you some characteristics that would make you a proactive person:

  • You don’t wait for good things to happen to you. You make good things happen, you create opportunities.
  • You prepare in advance for something that could happen. * You have a plan B.
  • While everyone else complains, you change the status quo. You might fail a couple of times, but that doesn’t slow you down.
  • When a problem arises, you don’t spend your time worrying, but instead think about the way you can solve the problem.

Basically being proactive means believing and acting like the world doesn’t influence you, but you influence it. I am trying above point in my own life and saw that its quite hard for a normal person.

Few things I did to practice above idea, which are:

Practice Gratitude:  It’s pretty self explanatory, but you have to be deliberate about being grateful every day. No matter how bad your day might seems, find the good things that happened.

Be grateful that you have someone who loves you, that you have a screen to read this on. It’s easy to complain. Yes, Be grateful for what you have, what you are doing.

Think about your Goal: Find a more creative way to reach your goal. Here’s a great quote by Peter Thiel that will help you think about better and quicker ways to hit your target.

How can you achieve your 10 years plan in the next 6 months?

Remember that in order to be proactive, you not only have to find a solution, but also execute. Because without executing, you can’t reach your goal.

Ask for Opportunities : You have to Ask for opportunities in daily basis. The world doesn’t have a lack of opportunities, but a lack of people seeking them.

You can get opportunities in every moment ,even while you are purchasing something, ask for discounts, while traveling, ask for support. This is how you can use every chance in your life.

Invest in yourself

Do you know Warren Buffett ? He is an American Business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world. There is a story that Warren Buffett likes to tell and it goes like this:

When I was sixteen, I had just two things on my mind — girls and cars. I wasn’t very good with girls. So I thought about cars. I thought about girls, too, but I had more luck with cars.

When I was sixteen, I had just two things on my mind — girls and cars. I wasn’t very good with girls. So I thought about cars. I thought about girls, too, but I had more luck with cars.

Let’s say that when I turned sixteen, a genie had appeared to me. And that genie said, “Warren, I’m going to give you the car of your choice. It’ll be here tomorrow morning with a big bow tied on it. Brand-new. And it’s all yours.”

Having heard all the genie stories, I would say, ‘What’s the catch?’ And the genie would answer, ‘There’s only one catch. This is the last car you’re ever going to ge tin your life. So it’s got to last a lifetime.’

If that had happened, I would have picked out that car. But, can you imagine, knowing it had to last a lifetime, what I would do with it?

I would read the manual about five times. I would always keep it garaged. If there was the least little dent or scratch, I’d have it fixed right away because I wouldn’t want it rusting. I would baby that car, because it would have to last a lifetime.

That’s exactly the position you are in concerning your mind and body. You only get one mind and one body. And it’s got to last a lifetime. Now, it’s very easy to let them ride for many years. But if you don’t take care of that mind and that body, they’ll be a wreck forty years later, just life the car would be.

It’s what you do right now, today, that determines how your mind and body will operate ten, twenty, and thirty years from now.

― Warren Buffett

For those of you who didn’t read the full quote, long story — short: **You need to take care of your mind and body, they are the only ones you have.**

Few things you need to do here is:

  • Sharpen your mind. You have to study a lot. You can find so many content over internet. Check YouTube, great blog, even online university like Edx.
  • 10 ideas a day. Yes, make a plan to do 10 things in a day. It could be 10 lines, or 10 articles, or reading 10 books, or to meet 10 best friends.
  • Find a mentor. I am telling to get one, because he can help you to learn a lot. Reach out to someone you look up to and ask them if they would want to be your mentor. It can be a family member, friend, an acquaintance or someone online.

Invest in your body.  Exercising once a day boosts your mood, increases your self confidence and helps you with your memory. Even you can learn about nutrition. Of, you should stay away from fast food to stay healthy.

Oh, another things you can do as investment is **Pick a sport.** Chess is a sport, but I’m talking about chess. Choose running, boxing, cycling, basketball or even something as simple as walking.

Impossible is nothing. ― Muhammad Ali

Invest time in Deep Work

Although this might be something you think is similar to my second point, this is about investing your time in your work itself, rather than improving yourself.

Deep Work is the feeling you have when you work for 4 hours but feel like you’ve only been working for 30 minutes. It’s when you fully immerse yourself in studying, writing, coding, woodcarving … you get the point.

Shallow work is when you check your phone for notifications every 5 minutes while “studying”.

Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. — Cal Newport

Plan the details of your day — If you don’t plan what you’ll do today, you might end up doing nothing at all. You’ll end up doing the urgent tasks that aren’t important. So if possible, plan every minute of your day.

Invest time in relationships

Have you heard about the butterfly effect? It’s the idea that the the wings of a butterfly can create or prevent a tornado miles away. And although it’s a metaphorical analogy for a scientific term, it can also be used as lens through which we can view the impact of relationships.

I want to let you know that you’re important and that the time you invest in people, although you might not know it, means a lot to someone.

It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

You can be the sunny smile that makes someone’s life worth living.

You can complement strangers. People like to hear it, and at times, a complement from a stranger can feel more sincere. Strangers aren’t bias, so it’s easier to believe them. That is if they aren’t trying to sell you something.

Send a text to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. If your grandparents are still alive, call them , they probably need it more than you know.


Reflection is something so simple, and sometimes it takes so little time to do, yet it’s one of the things that has the highest Return Of Investment.

I can only show you the door, you’re the one who have to walk through it. — Morpheus, The Matrix

You can ask yourself some of the following questions at the end of each day.

  • What have I accomplished today?
  • What did I do today that I should keep doing?
  • What did I do today that I should stop doing?
  • What did I not stop doing that I intended to, and why?
  • Did I connect with anyone today? / Did I invest in a relationship today ?
  • What made me happy today? / What should I do tomorrow that would make me happy?
  • What am I excited about doing tomorrow?
  • What are my 3 goals for tomorrow?

Its call daily review. I saw in my personal life that if I do daily review end of the day, I feel more energetic to work, even feel less tress.

Finally what: You’re always choosing

You’re always doing something that’s either helping you or hurting you, and doing nothing is hurting you. You’re always choosing something. This is what you can get from this articles, this why I wrote it.

By the way, Are you choosing the right thing? 🙂

If you liked this article, please share it. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you for reading!

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