Ultimate SEO Services to Get Higher Ranking

SEO is the most important part of a successful business.  Till now most of the business owners, or even new start up company mostly focus on their Digital marketing, aka SEO services to promote their business.

On 2014, for the first time I knew the terms SEO. That time I was just a PHP Developer, who loves WordPress a lot. Latter gradually I learned SEO to grow my own business.

I started to sell digital products like Software Solution to business, WordPress Themes, WordPress plugins and HTML/Bootstrap template. I saw that most of my competitor seller getting more than 100 sells than me per day. They are generating more than $1000 per month by selling their products, where I just make few $100.

That was my first problem which insist me to learn Digital marketing. I am not like others who learned then providing services. First I applied the tricks, then I learned from my mistakes.

Ultimate SEO Services to Get Higher Ranking

While many SEO experts, companies are providing SEO services and various approaches to search engine optimization (SEO), I am offering a proven optimization methodology that has been developed through years of marketing research and testing by myself. With My Ultimate SEO Services, I will leave no stone unturned.

My Ultimate SEO service has been designed for the highest effectiveness. This SEO service uses a number of highly specialized techniques to get your website head and heels above your competitors. And honestly all the technique is being used to promote my own business.

If you are on this page means, you found me from Google Search engine, as I dont promote this page anywhere on the Internet. I hope it prove my SEO skills.

In short this what I am going to provide you:

  • 40,000 wiki Backlinks.
  • 2,000 high page rank wiki backlinks.
  • 2,500 wiki .edu backlinks.
  • 20,000 blog comments.
  • 700 PR 5-8 social backlinks.
  • 4,000 high page rank dofollow backlinks.
  • 6,000 forum posting backlinks.
  • Detailed Results Report.
  • Orders complete within 10-15 business days.

Note that, I hate spamming a lot and its my guarantee that none of the link will collect by spamming. Because I know the importance of Website ranking.

Ultimate SEO Campaign services & details

ultimate seo services

The full monty Premium Edition (high DA sites list):

  • Indexer #2 for all SEnuke campaign links (Very High indexer rate)
  • 5,000 Unique Articles for submission

SEnuke TNG – The full monty 2019 – Campaign:

  • Indexer #2 for all SEnuke campaign links (Very High indexer rate)
  • 2nd Captcha backup (Human, 130% more results)
  • 5,000 Unique Articles for submission

Web 2.0 blogs (Dedicated accounts):

  • Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
  • 100 Unique Articles for submission

Web 2.0 blogs (Shared accounts):

  • Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
  • 100 Unique Articles for submission

PR9 – DA (Domain Authority) 70+:

  • Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
  • 100 Unique Articles for submission

DA (Domain Authority) 50+:

  • Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
  • 100 Unique Articles for submission

DA (Domain Authority) 30+:

  • Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
  • 100 Unique Articles for submission

Tier project for 3,4,5,6,7

Article directories backlinks (contextual backlinks):

Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate):

  • 1000 Unique Articles for submission

Tier project for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks)

  • Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate)

All campaigns mentioned this page has been designed as a link wheel campaigns. In this kind of campaigns I will submit the top quality links directly to your website and some other quality backlinks for those submitted orders (also called Link Pyramids).

The tier1 links (direct links) on all campaigns will work on my Premium Sites List, consists of High DA (Domain Authority) sites & Top world wide web 2.0s.

You can check my premium site list here.

What information I need from you:

  • Your Links
  • Keywords
  • Article Category (optional)
  • Keywords for tier2 (optional)
  • Links per article for tier1 (optional)
  • Links per article for tier2 (optional)
  • Skip Chinese sites or not?

Please note that the SEO is a long term process, as it may take few months to get your website ranked in Google. Sometime it takes few weeks as there is many factors such as:

  • Domain/page authority
  • Keywords competition
  • Social signals (Facebook, Google shares for website)
  • On-site optimization,
  • Domain age,
  • Current rank
  • And many other factors.

What I can assure you that my works will help you to rank higher in Google search engine but as it just Off page SEO, so must need to works on other SEO factors by yourself.


I dont like to charge a lot for this services as I open this service to help others. As its not possible to teach the method I am using to improve my Off page SEO, I started this Ultimate SEO service package.

If you hire any SEO experts or a SEO service provider teams on Upwork, Freelancer or from others freelancing marketplace, then I am sure that they will charge you more than $1000 to accomplish what I mentioned above. But dont worry as I like to save money instead spending, I will not charge a lot.

To complete the whole task as mentioned, I you have to spend just $399.00, yes you read right, just $399.00 USD.

I follow very easy payments terms. You have to pay $200 as an advance and rest all upon completion of the campaign means after 15 days.

You can pay via Payoneer, Payeer or directly deposited my country Bank accounts.

For any further query, you can contact with me via mail: info@shameem.me or send me a message at: https://facebook.com/tryshameem

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Written by Shameem Reza, Web Apps Developer & Freelancer
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