Why, hello there

ah, ha! Looks like you’d like to get in touch with me. Actually we’re all busy people, so I want to respect your valuable time and hope you grant me the same in return. Just to manage your expectations, here are a couple things you need to know:

Contact me if

  • Flutter App Development
  • You need a custom WordPress theme or plugin
  • Native IOS or Android Mobile Apps
  • Web Application using ReactJs or Laravel
  • You need design or development help on your project
  • You would like me to consult on a project with you
  • You would like to interview me on your podcast/post
  • You simply want to connect with me to say hi

With that said, I’m so thankful that you stopped by and I’d love to hear from you – feel free to email me at info at shameem dot me or codechef at yahoo dot com. And if you want to find me elsewhere on the web, I ramble on Twitter and post work to Github.

If you’d like to Say Hello, 👋 then send me an email → Or Grab my resume. 👀