This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers  — a nearly-always updated page of what I’m up to these days. Let’s get to it!

What I’m doing right now

Do you love yourself? Yes. At least that’s what we would like to say. It’s funny to think that it was easy to answer questions like that when you’re a kid. By the way, right now I am also feeling as like as that, because I am just came back from long vacation.

First of all, I did revamp my own site and also added products section as I am going to sell some my works from here. I will also start to write again, at least one articles per week.

I am also going to update all of my open source projects, which is hosted in either Github or in

And finally, I set some plan to learn something new to improve my skills on WordPress, PHP, VueJs and Laravel.

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