About Me

As-salamu Alaykum. Thanks for stopping by!

It looks like you’re interested in getting to know me better. Well, I’m Shameem Reza, Father of a Son, blessed with a pious wife. I am a Self-taught iOS Developer & WordPress Ninja with over 08+ years of experience developing Mobile Apps for iOS and WordPress Solutions. I love to work with WordPress, Swift, and SwiftUI.

I help early-stage startups, small businesses, and other crazy ventures backed by self-made millionaires to develop a successful Android App, iOS app, and Highly convertive Website using WordPress.

I love supporting well-funded startup founders aiming to build something great, truly novel, and big. My typical clients have a good idea, reasonable funding, and a wonderful character of the founder(s).

As a solopreneur and a freelance App Developer, I’ve developed complicated Mobile Apps and Websites from scratch using Flutter, SwiftUI, and WordPress for a dozen startups in the hottest technology hubs like Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, and Silicon Valley since 2014.

I have over 25 iOS apps in the Apple app store and over 30 apps in the Google Play store, which have been downloaded over 80 thousand times from the app store.

My current focus is on SwiftUI to develop scalable mobile applications and WordPress for customer-centric web solutions, but I am flexible regarding the role and tech stack.


  • 08+ years of experience in Mobile Application Development
  • PGC in Software Engineering (On-going)
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Often contributing to open source projects on Github
  • Regularly publish programming content on Youtube and Personal Blog



You can check my Linkedin Profile to get all up-to-date profiles, including certifications and qualifications. And also, check my GitHub for my technical skills. Here are some of the latest certifications I earned from some renowned online learning platforms:

1. Digital Marketing: HubSpot Academy

Digital Marketing: HubSpot Academy

2. Content Writing Masterclass: Ghoori Learning

Content Writing Masterclass


3. Digital Advertising: HubSpot Academy

Digital Advertising: HubSpot Academy

I am happy with myself, myself. I am so glad for what I am doing for a living. I am pleased with everything I have done and got as an achievement. Alhamdulillah. Still, far way to go, miles to walk. But still, I am a happy guy like millions in the world.

If you’d like to Say Hello, 👋  then send me an email. 👀