Learn Flutter in 2021

Are you interested in mobile application development? If your answer is yes, you are reading the correct post! Maybe you don’t know Flutter yet, but don’t worry, You can read this awesome article: What is Flutter and why you should learn it.

In this post, two different types of content are shared between free and paid content; from here, you will be able to acquire excellent resources of videos, courses, books, tutorials, etc.

Then let’s get started.

A brief explanation of each resource is included. That information comes from the description of the associated website. As you can imagine, I have not tried all of these methods. If you need more details, I invite you to visit the linked website.

Free Content to Learn Flutter

Dart Programming Tutorial: Full Course

A full Free Code Camp course on Dart. Learn the Dart programming language in this comprehensive tutorial for beginners. Dart is a strictly typed programming language used in the Flutter framework to develop cross-platform mobile applications.

Flutter Course – Complete Tutorial for Beginners (iOS and Android App Build)

A complete free Code Camp tutorial for beginners. This tutorial was one of my favorite references when I started with Flutter. It is an excellent introduction and helps you understand the first concepts that will be very useful.

Flutter Crash Course

Learn Flutter, with Google’s innovative cross-platform mobile development framework, to create applications for Android and iOS. In this course, Nick Manning from Flutter Crash Course teaches you how to get started with Flutter quickly and effectively. Nick has been a Flutter engineer since 2017 and has reduced this real-world knowledge to a clear, realistic, step-by-step crash course.

In this crash course, we will explore Flutter to create native mobile apps. We’ll see what Flutter is, how to configure it, built-in widgets, stateless and stateful widgets, routing, and more.

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners

A beginner-friendly YouTube playlist on Flutter created by The Net Ninja.

You will discover how to use Flutter (and Dart) to build Android and IOS applications from scratch. You will learn all about widgets, packages, assets, and asynchronous code to create a world time app, as well as two other mini apps to take advantage of your Flutter skills!

Flutter & Firebase App Build

A YouTube playlist on Flutter and Firebase created by The Net Ninja. When I wanted to use Firebase in my first app, I first took this course. It was thorough and gave me a good understanding of how to integrate this tool with Flutter.

You will learn how to create a Flutter application from scratch, using Firebase Firestore (a real-time database) and Firebase Authentication. This playlist is for developers who already know Flutter.

Reso Coder

A YouTube channel dedicated to Flutter. Reso Coder created many tutorials to explain how the framework works. Several tools that you can use with Flutter are explained so that you can integrate them into your project. There are even lessons on code architecture for Flutter.

Flutter is changing the application development scene. Don’t get left behind! Learn to develop for cross-platform web and mobile devices. Learn from carefully project-led lessons and immediately apply what you’ve learned in your own applications.


A YouTube channel dedicated to Flutter. You will discover many tutorials on Flutter like Firebase, UI, architecture, etc. There are also mobile and web lessons from Flutter.

Learn how to create high-quality, production-ready mobile apps with Flutter.

Code With Andrea

Tutorials on learning Flutter. Regular videos covering everything Flutter related, including state management, designs, testing, and more. This channel will help you become a better Flutter developer.

Google Codelabs

You can also learn Flutter with the Google Codelabs website. The website provides a guided, tutorial-based, and hands-on coding experience. I just discovered this site. You can even use it outside of Flutter. It references all the Google technologies with many tutorials to help you use them.

Most codelabs will guide you through the process of creating a small application or adding a new feature to an existing application. They cover a wide range of topics like Android Wear, Google Compute Engine, Project Tango, and Google APIs on iOS.


Something I love about Flutter is the documentation. It is complete and can be useful when you are learning or developing an application.

The documentation covers many topics, such as:

  • How to get started with Flutter
  • All available widgets
  • API documents (library documents)
  • A cookbook with many tutorials.
  • Some examples of applications.
  • The YouTube channel Flutter

Articles on Flutter


Flutter Succinctly

Looking through the Flutter documentation, I came across this book. The author creates a fully functional application, allowing you to get a clear and concise understanding of the framework. This book can be accessed whether or not you have mobile development experience.

Flutter Tutorial Manual

This tutorial contains tutorials (up to 43 lessons) that demonstrate how to solve common problems when writing Flutter applications. Each method is independent and can be used as a reference to help you create an application. It can be used in addition to the Flutter documentation. Includes added many examples.

Paid Content to Learn Flutter

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Dr. Angela Yu is one of the best Flutter mentor. WHile I started to elarn FLutter, I also followed her Tutorial and to be honest, this is one of the best. You will learn Flutter along with Dart Programming. She created this course with Officially collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2021 Edition]

If you are looking for a Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps, also an easy explanation, then you must follow course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. You will love the way he explain everything.

Quickly Learn Flutter from Google: With 65 Sample Apps

Learn Google Flutter by example. More than 65 mini sample applications.

Chapters include:

  • Three chapters on Dart language.
  • Introduction to Flutter.
  • Installing Flutter.
  • Your first Flutter app.

Learning Flutter: A Practical Guide to App Development

This is a great introduction to Flutter so you can get started quickly and understand the fundamentals. If you prefer to learn through books, don’t hesitate!

In Flutter, you will work with Dart, the programming language chosen by the best application developers. Even if you’re just starting out in your development career, you can learn Dart quickly, removing the barrier to entry to building applications.

This is a more efficient way to develop and maintain cross-platform mobile apps, and this book makes the process even easier with a teach-by-example approach.

Handy Flutter: Enhance Your Mobile Development With Google’s Latest Open Source SDK

Explore what Flutter has to offer, where it came from, and where it is going. Mobile development is progressing at a rapid pace and with Flutter, an open source mobile app development SDK created by Google, you can develop apps for Android and iOS, as well as Google Fuchsia.

Learn how to create three applications (a personal information manager, a chat system, and a game project) that you can install on your mobile devices and actually use.

Flutter For Dummies

Create amazing apps for iOS and Android with just one tool! Flutter is an app developer’s dream come true. With Google’s open source toolkit, you can easily create beautiful applications that work seamlessly on all platforms using a single code base.

This book includes how to create an amazing and intuitive user interface, add rich interactivity, and easily extract data.


Flutter is one of the most popular Mobile App Development UI Kit created by Google. You can make a next level Mobile apps for both IOS and Android using same code base.

Flutter is easy to learn. I tried to add some of the best Flutter learning resources in this post. I will try to update this post to add more learning resources. Till then keep fluttering and dont forget to join “Flutter Geek” Facebook group to learn from other Flutter Experts.