WordHero AI Writing tool

Creating quality content for your website can be difficult. You need to come up with your ideas and do your research. Then you have to write it all down, make sure the writing is good, and then edit until it’s perfect.

The problem is, once you’ve completed writing an article, how do you come up with more content? You guess it right; this is why many bloggers turn to artificial intelligence.

AI content generators are insane these days. You can create any content for yourself with just a few clicks on a button.

You only need to enter the keyword, and the AI tool works for you to write SEO-optimized content. But the fact is, most AI content generators are not cheap. AI content writing tool will cost over a hundred dollars a month.

So it’s no wonder that many bloggers are looking for a low-cost AI writing solution that can generate unique content without much hassle, and that’s where WordHero comes into the picture.

WordHero AI writing tool can generate an infinite number of blog posts, website articles, video scripts, and more.

Imagine generating hundreds of unique articles per month without spending a lot. Well, WordHero AI will be the best solution for you. It’s a relatively new AI writing tool that has hit the market.

So I tried to check it out myself, and in this WordHero review, I will tell you what I found about this awesome and ultra-cheap AI writing tool.

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WordHero AI Writing Software

How Is WordHero is Content Generation?

WordHero is the latest content writing tool that uses GPT-3 AI technology to create unique content based on your provided keywords.

WordHero AI has a long-form content editor to write section-wise content, then click “Write More” to have the AI add on additional sentences following your cues.

If you haven’t upgraded your WordDHero AI account with $69 on AppSumo, then the long-form content editor feature will be available within your WordHero dashboard.

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What Tools Are Available in WordHero?

WordHero is gradually improving its features. Once you log in to your WordHero dashboard, you will see a lot of tools and templates.

There are dozens of all these different types of templates available which you can use to start the content creation process like:

  • Ad text such as descriptions, title, subtitles.
  • Blog post ideas, titles, list titles, blog post intros and outlines, bullet points to blog.
  • Sales copy based on proven copywriting: PAS, AIDA, pain gain claim, function to profit.
  • Blog templates such as headlines, subtitles, introduction, and conclusion.
  • SEO meta titles and descriptions.
  • Content expander and rewriting.
  • Elevator startup ideas, slogans, and speech.
  • Video themes, script outline, script hook, introduction
  • Subject and copy of the email.

And many more unique templates that are not available in other AI writing tools.

WordHero AI Writing Software

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WordHero is an ultra-cheap AI writing tool to create your website or social media content. However, remember that you need to edit AI-created articles before publishing. The human touch is essential, regardless of the AI ​​copywriting tool you use.

Also, if you want to know WordHero AI tool daily improvement roadmap, you can check their Public Project board on Trello.

WordHero vs. Rytr

Now I want to talk about the difference between WordHero and Rytr.

Both content writing tools use the GPT-3 form of writing.

WordHero AI content editor is cheaper than other AI writing tools if you want me to compare all AI writing tools. As it is a newer writing tool, few bloggers and writers use it, and there is less understanding.

The Rytr AI tool has a bit more understanding. Many more bloggers and content marketers use it as it is much more famous and well known.

I love to use some AI writing functions available on WordHero, but Rytr doesn’t have them.

However, with Rytr, when writing something, there is no issue with the content quality. Rytr AI tools can create content based on my Keywords. Even it can generate full content form including target keyword list as well.

Also, WordHero has more features than Rytr. So if you are an entrepreneur, freelance marketer, a content writer who needs to write content regularly, WordHero will be better than Ryter because you have more options, more use cases, and more applications that you can use.

WordHero Pricing – AN Ultra Cheap AI Writing Tool

WordHero has only a Pro Unlimited pricing plan. You need to pay $49/month for the monthly package. Or, for an annual subscription, pay $29/month.

WordHero Lifetime Offer

There is a WordHero lifetime offer on AppSumo that gives you unlimited access to all the features within WordHero except the long-form editor. This lifetime offer costs $69 one time, and you also get free updates forever.

Do you want to get an extra $10 discount? WordHero is currently available on Appsumo with an unlimited lifetime deal. Follow the link below to get an extra discount on WordHero lifetime deals on Appsumo.

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Is WordHero worth it?

Before I finish this WordHero AI review, I want to tell you how I feel about this cheap AI writing tool.

Content generated with WordHero is decent. However, all content written by AI needs a human touch to be more user-friendly. Many things need to improve in WordHero, and I am sure they are working on that.

It’s might not the best AI writing tool, but it will get the job done with some editing effort on your part. I found that the quality of the content is much better when I use templates instead of the content that I got with the “write more” option in the long-form editor.

But again, it’s still in beta and needs more improvement.

But the only cool thing about the software that stands out from the rest is that it offers unlimited content.

Overall, WordHero is an excellent value for money considering the lifetime deal with the unlimited generations option; nothing can beat that.