Work from Home with Fiverr

If you are looking for freelance work, most likely you already know online freelancing platforms such as Workana, or UpWork. But nowadays, Fiverr is one of the best options for a freelancer.

Working as a freelancer is an increasingly common form of employment. It allows us to earn money and manage our time without leaving home. Is there anything better than that?

If you are a freelancer and want to learn how to earn money online with your work, you have to know about Fiverr.

Today I will explain what Fiverr is and how it works, how to find freelance work on the Fiverr marketplace and how to earn money with Fiverr.

Are you ready to find your dream freelance job on Fiverr? 😎

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance employment platform founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, two young Israeli entrepreneurs. The slogan of this duo of creators was to offer a virtual space for every freelancer to get a job anywhere in the world without leaving home.

Since then, little by little, Fiverr has positioned itself in the global market as one of the most popular and attractive alternatives for those who want to earn money online.

Only last year, Fiverr had a noticeable growth compared to 2019 because it became an alternative for hundreds of thousands of unemployed professionals in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is Fiverr?

Several reasons have made Fiverr the favourite job site of millions of freelancers around the world. Fiverr offers easy handling to the user, and anyone can offer services starting from $5.

It has a wide variety of online freelance job categories and, unlike other similar portals, Fiverr buyers are looking for you and not the other way around.

On the other hand, it promises buyers to find the ideal freelance services for their business. Thanks to the high quality of Fiverr professionals, buyers can find the right freelancer as per their requirements.

Fiverr users can freelance on various digital services such as graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video, and animation. On Fiverr, there are also job openings related to music and audio, programming and technology, business and lifestyle.

The categories of services in Fiverr are more than 200, and more than 800 thousand freelancers are registered on the platform.

So far, we can find Fiverr in seven languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

You can also download the Fiverr app available on Android and iOS so that you are aware of the offers that arrive in your account. By using the Fiverr app, you can work as a freelancer wherever you go.

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How does Fiverr work?

After knowing what Fiverr is and what it is for, I imagine that you will be asking yourself this question: how does Fiverr work? This freelance web portal works based on those who offer their services called sellers and those who require services called buyers.

To get freelance work online at Fiverr, you have to offer your services as a seller of individual service with a specific price or through service packages with various price ranges.

fiverr gig details

In Fiverr, sellers establish the price of the service to be performed, and buyers can choose the seller whose service is following their requirements and costs.

Something to keep in mind is how much Fiverr charges for each of the services that each freelancer performs. Fiverr’s commission equals 20% of the price of the service. Therefore, as a seller, you receive 80% of the payment that the buyer makes.

In Fiverr, the bank transfer or direct deposit only applies to freelancers in the United States. On the other hand,Β you can make it effective how the payment works through your Paypal account in Fiverr. You also can use Payoneer as your withdrawal option.

Regarding Fiverr’s benefits, keep in mind that it has a support team available 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Payments are safe and secure for both buyer and seller.

So, as we see, Fiverr is an online freelance work platform that offers both the buyer and the seller space for optimal digital transactions. Fiverr is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers connect from anywhere in the world.

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How to work on Fiverr

To be one of the millions of users of this freelance marketplace, you have to know how to start working on Fiverr. To learn how to offer your services on Fiverr, you need to follow this step by step:

  1. Sign up on Fiverr for free: Remember to introduce yourself to the Fiverr community in a professional manner.
  2. Fill in all the details of your seller profile.Β They will ask you for career information such as occupation, skills, and education. Completing your profile includes mentioning personal data such as name, photo, description and languages ​​that you speak. Finally, registering with Fiverr also includes linking your account with your email, social networks, and phone number.
  3. Create your first service on Fiverr.Β For that, you have to show your talent by providing buyers with all the information they need to encourage them to work with you.
  4. Write clearly and precisely each of your servicesΒ and describe them in detail. Choose the best samples of your work so that buyers have concrete proof of your skills.
  5. Add a video to introduce your service to Fiverr.Β It is one of the most effective ways to attract buyers. You are allowing them to see and hear you. It will add a personal touch to the service you offer.
fiverr freelancer profile

Types of services offered on Fiverr

In addition to an individual service, you can offer three different and attractive service packages on your service page on Fiverr. The more options of your buyers’ services, the more likely they will choose you as their favourite seller.

You can increase your sales on Fiverr by offering extras before, during and after your service has been requested. The extras are additional tasks with prices that each seller determines.

You can also send personalized offers to respond to your buyer’s needs. It will make you stand out from all the freelancers offering services on Fiverr.

Seller levels on Fiverr

It must be taken into account that, according to the quality of the freelance work, each seller gets a rating from the buyers.

There are three levels of Sellers on Fiverr: from level 1 to level 3.

  • Level 1 is for those who perform at least 10 satisfactory services in 30 days.
  • Level 2 is for those registered with Fiverr for four months and have achieved at least 50 good services.
  • Level 3 is for those who have been on Fiverr for six months and have already successfully worked on more than 100 services.
Fiverr top seller level

Learn how to be the best Fiverr seller

Another option to know how to make money on Fiverr as a successful seller is learning from Fiverr. It is an online class platform in which experts help you raise your level as a seller.

Fiverr learn

Through tips, exercises, quizzes and tests, Learn by Fiverr gives you all the tools to grow your career as a freelancer. The goal of Learn by Fiverr is that each course takes you one step further from working as a successful freelancer.

If you want to have a freelance job online, you must exceed your buyers’ expectations and thus, you will get more job opportunities on Fiverr.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr

So far, everything I’ve told you about Fiverr has been super positive. Perhaps you have already registered as a seller and are currently looking for your first buyer. However, you need to know what the advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr are.

Advantages of using Fiverr

  • As a seller, you can offer many services, each of them at a price that you consider appropriate. On Fiverr, the lowest price is $5, and the highest can reach thousands of dollars.
  • Unlike other freelance work platforms, Fiverr allows you to register for free. It does not require any registration fee for being a seller.
  • In Fiverr, sellers have all the facilities to offer their services to buyers.
  • The Fiverr platform is so easy to use that you don’t need any technical or specialized knowledge to sell your services.
  • There are no hourly rates, only service-based pricing.
  • Like all freelance work, Fiverr gives you the possibility to earn money online doing what you like the most from the comfort of your home.
  • It is available to people who want to work as a freelancer from anywhere in the world.
  • If you are wondering, “how can I make money on Fiverr?”, The answer is only one: achieving a good rating as a seller. To obtain income regularly through Fiverr, you must level up as a seller to have more buyers.

Disadvantages of using Fiverr

  • If you are new to Fiverr, the competition can be overwhelming due to the many sellers offering high-quality professional services.
  • The 20% commission for each service performed can be very high if the price of your service is low.
  • Only sellers with the highest ratings can withdraw their payment within 14 days of being paid. The two weeks it takes to make the payment for the sellers is a security measure of Fiverr. But that waiting period can be a problem for sellers.

In conclusion, I can say that, despite the disadvantages of this online freelance job platform, Fiverr is an excellent option for those looking for freelance work.

Fiverr is a simple, safe and effective portal with a wide range of services and an extensive list of buyers. It makes Fiverr an ideal space to earn money online.

You already know how to make money on Fiverr. What are you waiting for to start being the best freelancer? 😎