Choosing domain registrars is often the first decision made when creating a website.

If you want to create a WordPress site or start a blog, you can begin with a free service like or purchase a domain and hosting with your chosen name – the choice is up to you.

This definitive guide has ranked and reviewed the 13 best domain registrars based on price, performance, features, support, integrations, Hosting, and more.

However, these are the tools that I strongly recommend when it comes to registering domain names.

Best Domain Registrars in 2021

All the best domain registrars in my list are below, which you may choose to buy your domain.

01. Namecheap

Namecheap is the best overall domain registrar.

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that helps you purchase a domain name of your choice.

Namecheap also allows you to transfer your domain name if it is registered elsewhere. And it won’t take more than 30 minutes to transfer your domain automatically.

In addition, Namecheap also offers website hosting services, WordPress hosting, security products, business emails, etc.

It covers all web hosting, such as shared, VPS, managed WordPress, dedicated, etc.

You can filter your domain search based on options like price range, suffix, keywords, etc. You can narrow your search by mentioning your niche, including travel, education, travel and lifestyle, etc.


The domain registrar also comes with a built-in account panel to help you manage your domain effortlessly.

In addition, it provides a free DNS with your domain during the transfer time of the same.

After the domain transfer, FreeDNS will automatically switch to your new default server. The good thing is, you can transfer an expired domain name as well.

Namecheap also claims that it offers zero downtime and free WhoisGuard privacy protection for life.

On Namecheap, You also get free DNSSEC security to protect your site from fraud and a commercial email for two months.

Namecheap provides 24/7 expert support that also includes concierge support during domain transfer is also a bonus.

Advantages of Namecheap:

  • Free hosting migration
  • Live chat with experts 24/7
  • Response time for tickets of 2 hours
  • 2-factor authentication (U2F and TOTP)
  • Automatic renewal to help you stay on track


On Namecheap, Different domain names have different prices. Here are some of the base prices for popular domain TLDs:

  • .com: $ 8.88 per year
  • .net: $ 10.78 per year
  • .org: $ 9.18 per year
  • .io: $ 28.88 per year

Namecheap pricing

Although Namecheap also offers inexpensive domain names, renewing your domain name is a bit more expensive.

Buy Domain on Namecheap

02. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best free domain registration with your hosting plans (starting at $ 2.95 per month).


Bluehost is one of the most popular website hosting service provider and domain registrars.

It also offers a free domain name for one year with any of its hosting plans. Some of the more popular domain suffixes are .com, .online, .site, .net, .org, and others.

To get started, you can search for your preferred domain name in the search box and see if it’s available.

Bluehost will direct you to the review page and purchase your domain if it is available. If not, it will offer you several alternatives related to your search.

It also allows you to manage your domain address and site from one easy-to-use control panel and change the DNS of multiple domains.

In addition, the automatic renewal function keeps your domain safe and prevents it from expiring or being lost. You can even go back to manual renewal anytime you want.

Additionally, the “Domain Lock” feature keeps your domain locked to prevent unauthorized transfers.

You can unlock your domain name at any time to make transfers; Until then, Bluehost will keep your preferred domain name safe.

Advantages of Bluehost:

  • They provide 24/7 expert support through calls, emails, and chat.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free domain name with all hosting plans.
  • You will get a free SSL certificate.


Here are some of the avilable domain TLDs and their base prices on Bluehost:

  • .com: $12.99 / year
  • .org: $9.99 / year
  • .net: $14.99 / year
  • .tech: $4.99 / year
  • .co: $14.99 / year
  • .website: $1.99 / year

You can also buy their hosting plan and get a free domain and SSL certificate for a whole year.

Buy Domain on BlueHost

03. NameSilo

NameSilo is best for the bulk domain name registration and transfer (starting at $ 2.19 per year). And this is my favourite domain register on the list.


NameSilo is a domain name registrar that offers domain registration services, domain transfer, domain bidding, etc.

It comes with a search tool to perform an individual domain search and a bulk domain search.

You also get domain privacy for free and a massive discount for bulk domain registration and transfer.

Also, all domains come with:

  • DNS management tools
  • Free domain privacy
  • Registry lock
  • Domain defender protection
  • Portfolio management

NameSilo also comes with a marketplace that contains all the domains listed by its clients or non-renewed domains.

You can buy your preferred domains through an auction or by paying directly to the buyer.

Also, you can transfer your existing domain names to NameSilo in just three steps.

You have to verify your domain name, enter your EEP authorization code in the transfer form and add the domain to the cart. After initiating the domain transfer, it will transfer within 5 to 7 days.

NameSilo pricing

Advantages of NameSilo

  • It offers a broad knowledge base and 24/7 customer service.
  • Free WHOIS privacy forever.
  • Forwarding of emails and domains.
  • Domain parking (where you earn 100%).


These are the base prices for some of the domain extensions:

  • .com: $ 8.99 per year
  • .net: $ 11.79 per year
  • .shop: $ 2.19 per year
  • .design: $ 3.99 per year
  • .org: $ 10.79 per year
  • .biz: $ 6.49 per year

Buy Domain on NameSilo

04. is another best to keep your site safe ($ 9.99 per year). is a platform where you can buy domains, web hosting or transfer your existing domain names.

You can choose from their top-level domains (TLD) and more than 25 country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

It offers all kinds of premium domains. Premium domains are domain names that are usually short and easy to understand.

Some common premium domain suffixes are .com, .net, etc. These premium domains are easy to remember and help you improve your brand image, improve your search rankings, make a smart business investment, and more.

It offers a control panel that provides complete DNS control for your domain name. You can even transfer your existing domain to their platform without causing any downtime on your website.

The domain transfer process usually takes between 5 and 7 days, although the entire process is automated and hassle-free.

You have to enter the domain name you want to transfer, and everything will be done automatically for you.

All domains come with Lets Encrypt Free SSL to protect your site from various viruses and malware attacks. transfer also provides numerous security plugins with all of its domains, including:

  • WHOIS privacy and protection against theft and fraud.
  • Full site backups.
  • Malware scanning and blocklist monitoring.
  • Protection against domain-related spam and unauthorized access to your site.
  • It keeps your site protected from hackers, human errors and malware scans.

Advantages of

  • It allows you to forward email addresses under your domain to other email addresses.
  • You have access to tools such as private registration, bulk registration, DNS management, etc.
  • It offers a quick domain search tool.
  • You have the option to buy the domain for five years.


The average starting price (for the .com extension) is $ 9.99 per year.

Buy domain on

05. GoDaddy

Godaddy is another best domain register for bulk domain name registration (starting at $ 0.99 per year).


GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars and web hosting companies, managing over 80 million domains.

It offers a ” Domain Name Generator ” to help you generate the most suitable domain name for your site.

You have to enter the name of your business or idea, and their software will create a suitable domain for your website. The domain builder offers up to 100 subdomains to create a custom web address.

You can also migrate your existing domain name to GoDaddy in one click for $ 7.99 (.com extension).

GoDaddy also lets you choose from a wide variety of domain names in multiple languages ​​and foreign extensions.

In addition, it centralizes several domain names and allows you to manage them from a single control panel.

The ability to monitor the performance and uptime of your domain with its fundamental monitoring feature is another bonus.

Another unique feature called ‘Domain Broker’ helps you acquire an already registered domain name.

You are assisted by a personal domain agent who contacts the current domain owner on your behalf and negotiates prices and terms.

It also allows you to search and buy domain names in bulk, up to 500 at a time.

In addition, GoDaddy offers business protection to all domain addresses.

If you don’t renew your domain name, it keeps you protected from malicious and accidental domain transfers.

It also keeps your data hidden from hackers and protects your website with automatic malware and security scans.

GoDaddy Advantages

  • Free 1-year extension on many domain transfers.
  • You can sell your domains through GoDaddy Auctions and Afternic.
  • Provide tools like the GoDaddy Appraisal tool to help you determine the value of your domain.
  • Get up to 31% discount when registering or transferring six or more .com domains simultaneously.
  • GoDaddy makes sure your site ranks in Google and other search engines.


The initial costs of some common domain extensions are

  • .club: $ 0.99 per year
  • .com: $ 11.99 per year
  • .co: $ 11.99 per year
  • .me: $ 3.49 per year
  • .net: $ 14.99 per year
  • .world: $ 1.99 per year

Buy Domain on GoDaddy

06. Hover

Hover is best for a simple domain registration experience (starting at $ 4.99 per year).

Hover is a domain registrar that helps you register new domains, renew old ones or transfer existing ones to Hover.

It offers more than 300 top-level domains or domain extensions such as .com, .net, .ca, .org, etc.

Enter your business name or related keywords, and Hover will provide you with hundreds of available domain name options.

The domain registrar also provides built-in tools to manage your domains, DNS, and emails.

When it comes to security, Hover offers free WHOIS security with all domain names and two-factor authentication.

Just being a domain registrar can be a good thing, as they won’t bombard you with upsells. Of course, you will have to depend on other software for your web hosting.

Hover Advantages

  • You can get an extra discount if you buy domains in bulk.
  • You can activate the automatic renewal.
  • You won’t see many spikes in renewal prices.
  • Hover’s “Connect” feature helps you start using your domain name with just a few clicks. It includes free WHOIS privacy.


This is a list of base prices for some of the most popular domain extensions:

  • .com: $ 12.99 per year
  • .online: $ 4.99 per year
  • .co: $ 25.99 per year
  • .design: $ 19.99 per year
  • .info: $ 17.99 per year
  • .io: $ 49.99 per year

Buy Domain on Hover

07. HostGator

HostGator is best for registering the most popular top-level domains (starting at $ 0.95 per year).


HostGator is another popular web hosting service provider that offers domain name registration and transfer services.

However, unlike other platforms on this list, HostGator sticks to the 15 traditional and most popular top-level domains. Therefore, if you don’t want to filter any additional suggestions, HostGator may be suitable.

Some common options include .com, .website. Org ,, .club, .net ,. Co, .me, .space, .online, .site, etc.

Here is a complete list of all domain extensions offered by HostGator:

hsotgator pricing

You also get an auto-renew feature that helps you prevent your domain from expiring due to human error.

With its domain control panel, you can also manage all aspects of your domain name from one control panel.

In addition, you can protect your personal information with Domain Privacy.

Domain privacy prevents identity theft, unwanted spam, etc. Use the WHOIS to protect your domain from these potential threats.

A “Domain Lock” feature helps you prevent the transfer or hijacking of your domain name.

You can also transfer your existing domain name to Hostgator, but your domain must be valid and registered for a minimum of 60 days with any other domain registrar.

HostGator Pros

  • It provides domain privacy and free domain management tools.
  • You get a free domain name and web hosting with every website building plan.
  • Provides an easy-to-use domain control panel that allows you to control all your domains from a single source.


Here are the introductory pricing plans for some of the top-level domain extensions:

  • .com: $12.95 per year
  • .website: $0.95 per year
  • .space: $0.95 per year
  • .site: $0.95 per year
  • .info: $12.95 / year
  • .org: $12.95 / year
  • .co: $12.95 / year

During the renewal of the domains, there is a minimal increase in the plans. Transferring the .com domain extension starts at $ 7.95 per year.

Buy Domain on Hostgator

08. Google Domains

Google Domains is best for a clean interface and free security plugins (starting at $ 9 / month).

google domains

Google Domains is a domain name registration service offered by Google.

It provides domain names, domain and subdomain forwarding, and supports various top-level domains such as .com, .co, .academy, .io, .biz, etc.

Every Google domain that you buy or transfer includes additional services such as

  • WHOIS privacy
  • Forwarding of domains, subdomains and emails
  • One-click DNSSEC
  • Google 2-Step Verification
  • Google name servers with 10 million Domain Name System (DNS) resolutions per year

It also offers several alternatives if your preferred domain name is not available.

Advantages of Google Domains

  • You have assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the help center, email, chat or phone.
  • You can buy from more than 300 domain name extensions.
  • ICANN accredits all domain names.
  • The renewal cost is the same as the purchase cost.


Google Domains offers straightforward pricing for all of its domain extensions.

This is the list of some of the most popular domain suffixes:

  • .com: $ 12 per year
  • .net: $ 12 per year
  • .org: $ 12 per year
  • .app: $ 14 per year
  • .co: $ 30 per year
  • .business: $ 12 per year
  • .io: $ 60 per year

Buy Domain on Google Domain

09. DreamHost

Dreamhost is best for domain security (starting at $ 0.99 per year).


DreamHost is a domain registration service that provides a domain search tool that provides search results for your domain prices, availability, etc.

The search tool also recommends and suggests the most suitable domain names for your business.

DreamHost offers more than 400 top-level domains (TLDs), including .club, .online, .io, .net, .xyz, .shop, .tech, .com, .blog, etc.

DreamHost also offers FREE WHOIS domain privacy to secure your data. WHOIS domain privacy is free with all domain registrars and is automatically renewed.

You can also get free unlimited subdomains for your website with VPS, Dedicated, Shared Hosting.

In addition, you can manage all your domains from a single account by transferring them to DreamHost.

Provides a single pane of glass for domain management to edit DNS records, configure domain forwarding, and much more.

Advantages of DreamHost

  • Free custom name server.
  • Optional data lock.
  • 24/7 customer support through the chat widget.
  • Free SSL certificate and domain privacy protection (WHOIS domain privacy).


Here is the price list for some of the most popular domain extensions:

  • .com: $ 6.99 per year
  • .net: $ 10.99 per year
  • .org: $ 13.95 per year
  • .info: $ 13.95 per year
  • .club: $ 0.99 per year

You get free private registration, security measures, and subdomains with all domain extensions.

Buy Domain on DreamHost

10. Gandi

Gandi is also the best domain register company for buying multiple domains at once (starting at $ 5.99 per year).


Gandi is a domain name registrar that allows you to register, transfer and renew your domain names.

It offers an easy-to-use domain search and suggestion tool that lets you choose from over 700 domain extensions.

In addition, it offers you a free SSL certificate, two free mailboxes with 3 GB of storage and unlimited email forwarding and aliases with your domain name.

Although most of its renewal prices are the same as the registry, it is still pricey. However, you get special discount offers for registering or transferring multiple domains at the same time.

Gandi Advantages

  • The renewal prices are the same as the registration prices in most cases.
  • You can also sell your existing domains on Gandi.
  • It allows you to connect to third-party business applications with one click.
  • Unlimited customer support and help from a dedicated account manager.
  • It will enable you to manage all your domains and other products from a single panel on all your devices.


Here are the introductory prices for some of the domain suffixes:

  • us: $ 15.50 per year
  • .com: $ 15.50 per year
  • .fr: $ 15.00 per year
  • .io: $ 38.00 per year
  • .net: $ 18.50 per year
  • $ 9.88 per year
  • .online: $ 5.99 per year
  • .me: $ 6.50 per year

Buy Domain on Gandi

11. Shopify

Shopify is best for existing Shopify users (starting at $ 14 / month).


Shopify offers a domain name registration tool and automates the entire domain registration and setup process.

Shopify provides over 50 domain extensions, including top-level domains, generic domain names, and ccTLDs (country code top-level domains).

You can use ccTLDs to precisely target audiences in any country or region and boost your search engine rankings in that specific region.

It comes with a domain name generator tool that provides suggestions for the keyword or company name you enter.

You can also go for the most popular domain names. All domain name suggestions come with the price for each year.

In addition, it allows you to manage subdomains and email forwarding, remove domains from your store, and transfer your existing domains to Shopify.

Also, all of their domains come with WHOIS privacy protection that keeps your personal information safe.

Additionally, you can use Shopify’s website builder to build your website or start a blog and then register a new domain simultaneously.

The website builder comes with a drag and drops feature and 70 professional themes.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and products.
  • More than 100 international payment gateways.
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Custom domain name options.
  • The primary domain can have many subdomains.


Different for each domain name and domain extension.

Buy Domain on Shopify

12. is best for ordering unavailable domain names in advance (Pricing based on specific search results). offers domain name registration services, including single-domain registration, bulk registration, and domain transfer.

All domains come with a domain masking and forwarding feature that directs users to your website for all the domains you own. gives a domain lock feature to avoid the accidental or intentional transfer of ownership of your domain.

This feature also prevents someone from redirecting your nameservers. also allows you to manage your DNS, FTP, subdomains, emails, etc., from one control panel.

You can even monitor the status of your domains and receive instant alerts.

It also offers the auto-renew feature to automatically renew your domains and hosting plans before the expiration date.


Advantages of BuyDomain

  • Buy domains in bulk to save money.
  • The transfer of domains is free and automatic.
  • You can also register IDNs (internalized domain names).
  • Pre-order domain names are not available at exceptional prices.


The search tool quotes prices based on your search.


IONOS is another best domain registrar for individuals and businesses (free if you sign up for two years).

1 & 1 IONOS is a European-based domain registrar that offers lots of free add-ons with its domain registration and transfer services.

All domains include features such as:

  • Wildcard SSL certificate for the security of your site and better positioning in Google
  • A professional email address with 2GB of mailbox storage space
  • Up to 10,000 subdomains to personalize your website

You can also transfer your existing email or domain name to 1 & 1 IONOS in 3 steps.

To transfer the domain, you need to request an authorization code from your current domain provider, enter it at IONOS and confirm the transfer via the link we send you to your email.

Advantages of 1 & 1 IONOS

  • Provides a “domain lock” feature that prevents your domain from being transferred by any unauthorized person.
  • IONOS provides 24/7 Customer service.
  • One-click activation.


Here is a list of the first year registration prices for some domains:

  • com: $0 per year (if you sign up for two years or more)
  • .org: $1 per year
  • .online: $0.80 per year
  • .app: $12 per year
  • .co: $8 per year

Buy Domain on IONOS

What is a Domain Registrar?

Domain name registrars are companies that facilitate and manage domain name reservations on behalf of client companies.

They help companies devise, select, register, buy and use a domain name acceptable in the market.

Domain registrars are usually legally recognized by top-level domain registrations or by a country-code top-level domain registry.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the most widely accepted accreditation agency that manages domain name registrars.

Some of the industry leaders include GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator, and, among others.

With an increasing number of companies migrating to the Internet, it is easy for even successful companies to get lost in translation.

Amid intense competition, companies need a spark to stand out and get consumers to think of them.

The right domain name can go a long way towards achieving this.

A catchy and relevant domain name can build your brand equity, reinforce it in the marketplace, and help generate business.

And this is where domain name registrars come in.

What Features Do You Need in a Domain Registrar?

Business requirements vary based on the diversity of key performance indicators and business and industry performance. However, there are some must-have features to look out for:

1. Range of functions.

Taking advantage of the services of domain registrars can be a costly affair. Make sure there is a wide range of features commensurate with the charges for the service.

For example, is a feature-rich domain registrar that allows top-level domain name (TLD) extensions, country code top-level domains (ccTLD), allows private registrations, and whois privacy protection.

You can also take advantage of features like bulk registration, DNS management, and easy transfers.

2. Easy domain transfer.

Due to changes in your business requirements, you may need to transfer your domain to a different registrar.

According to current ICANN regulations, you can only transfer your domain after 60 days of registration.

Some domain registrars deliberately make the domain transfer process complex to keep their clients – that’s why it is essential to use ethical registrars that allow easy transfers.

Registrars like and GoDaddy guarantee a smooth domain transfer experience whenever the need arises.

3. The price.

Price is an essential deciding factor in most cases.

While large companies can afford to splurge, most small companies have to be thrifty, especially initially.

Domain registrars like GoDaddy and Bluehost have great high-end plans for large companies.

However, they also have plans for small businesses with excellent value for money. While GoDaddy offers impressive discounts, Bluehost provides a free domain name with every hosting plan.

4. Easy to use interface.

Businesses want an easy-to-use domain registrar so their employees can quickly get used to it and get used to it.

Domain registrars with steep learning curves can hamper business outcomes and goals due to long lead times.

For example, HostGator is an easy-to-use domain registrar with a simple user interface. It comes with extensive documentation demonstrating its use, making it easy for beginners to register and manage their domains.

5. Customer service.

It is an essential consideration. Not all your team users may be tech-savvy, so you need comprehensive customer service to help you in case you get stuck. offers 24/7 customer service via phone, email, and live chat.

6. Additional services.

Even if you don’t need additional services at this time, changing domain registrars midway can be costly.

That’s why it is good to check the additional services that your domain registrar can offer.

These can include services such as domain parking and extended expiration protection.

There are many other considerations when choosing the best domain registrar for your business.

Some of them are renewal and add-on prices, domain expiration policies, hidden fees, proper licenses for the sale of domain name extensions, etc.

How Do You Use a Domain Registrar?

First, you must determine which domain registrar is the most suitable for you based on your needs and the price range. Once the purchase is made, you can start using the software.

Here are the steps with examples from an industry leader,

First, access your account and click on the option buy domain.

An editor will appear so you can type your preferred domain name, your niche, or any other related keyword.

It allows you to search and view various domain names that are available in the market.

The status of the name of your choice is visible on the right-hand side. In this example, the first name is already taken. You can choose one of the three remaining options by clicking the “Add” button.

Once you choose a name and add it, it will automatically be transferred to the shopping cart. You will get a detailed breakdown of the cost involved and the cart’s domain information and subtotal.

Finally, click on the “Continue shopping” button located at the bottom right, and you will be redirected to the final payment page, where you will have to finalize the order.

Once you’ve completed the checkout process, it can take 15-45 minutes for your order to process.

Before using a domain registrar, knowing what characters are allowed when choosing a domain name is good.

For example, does not allow special characters, non-English alphabets, and spaces.

Make sure you read all of these terms carefully before using a domain registrar.

There is little room for error, as registrars do not change or edit domain names. Most of them don’t offer refunds either.

In extreme cases, the domain registration process can take up to 48 hours. In case it takes time more than 48 hours, then you should contact a customer representative.


Choosing the most suitable domain name is essential, as it will be a necessary part of your brand identity and will help you rank in search engines.

Although most domain registrars offer similar services, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can choose Bluehost if you buy hosting and your domain name, as you will get a free domain name for the first year.

For free WHOIS security, choose domain registrars like Hover, NameSilo, Gandi, and Google Domains.

Overall, our top recommendation is Namecheap due to its advanced domain name search tool, free DNSSEC security, free business email for two months, etc.

However, review all domain registrars and their features carefully before making your final choice.

Finally, now that you have a domain name for your site, you need to buy the best WordPress Optimize web hosting services.

If you want to create your website using WordPress, then use the GeneratePress WordPress theme. GeneratePress is one of the best and fastest-loading WordPress themes. You can read my complete review on the GeneratePress WordPress theme from my other post.

Which of these domain registrars are you planning to use and why? Let me know by commenting below.