Buy Website Hosting Using SiteGround

Choosing a best web hosting may be the most important and decisive step before you start designing your website. The biggest investment for your website must be hosting. And today I will show tell you how to buy SiteGround Hosting and why it is the best web hosting provider.

In this step-by-step guide I will show you how to buy your SiteGround web hosting in less than 5 minutes.

Why SiteGround hosting is the best choice?

In my case, I’ve been in SiteGround for over 1 years and that’s where I take all my client’s projects as well.

Before working with them, I’ve tried many web hosting company including local hosting provider but they always had a thin spot or something I didn’t quite like.

Loading speed

Everyone wants a fast loading website, because loading speed is one of the Google ranking factor point.

SiteGround uses SSD disks to make our website go like a rocket. In addition they use a series of cutting-edge technologies in speed (reverse proxy NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and CDN free).

If the host servers are geographically close to your visitors, less will be their loading time.

There’s no secret to this. If your target audience comes from USA, buy web hosting with servers in USA. In the same way, if your audience comes from Asia, have an Asian Server.

SiteGround has a very special particularity: it allows you to choose which server to host your website, being able to choose on three different continents. As most of my audience comes from USA and Australia, I chose the Chicago, USA hosting, although it could also have been Singapore.


SiteGround provides you with a free tool to automatically update your WordPress without you having to blink. In this way, your WordPress installation will always be protected from the latest existing vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, it offers you a free SSL certificate (let’s Encrypt) to make your website encrypted.


In my case, my website has never fallen because of them. Moreover, its activity time is 99.99%. Also SiteGround has a backup system for if you get screwed once, we can restore our web page as it was before the error.

Technical support

It will be inevitable to have to contact the technical service of your website throughout the year, you will not get off. It can be for many reasons: page down, technical questions of hosting management, etc.

Most server have a technical service that works with tickets, you send them the incidence, they respond to you after a while, you answer… a very similar operation to emails. And even if they can answer you very quickly, you’re gonna hate it. If you have a problem with your website, you’ll want it fixed in a matter of minutes.

In this sense, SiteGround also hits the nail on the head. You can choose how you want to contact them: phone call, ticket system or by chat. The option I always choose is that of chat, in a matter of seconds an agent is brought to my attention to solve the problem I have at that time, and in a matter of minutes I have it fixed. Nothing compared to the single ticket system of other hosting, they force you to be pending the answers to them and you lose much more time.

How to Buy SiteGround Hosting

Buying hosting from siteground is very easy. First of all go to siteground pricing page from here. Once you landed on SiteGround pricing page, follow the rest step as explain below.

Choose hosting plan

The first step in buying your SiteGround hosting will be to choose the plan that interests you the most.

siteground pricing

First year you will get 50% discount on all plans. Prices vary between 3.95 USD to 11.95 USD per month (VAT included).


Chose your hosting plan here

Which one should we choose?

If your project is starting, I assure you that the StartUp plan will be more than enough for you. In the future, if your project goes any further, you can always expand it. SiteGround doesn’t get you into this.

On the other hand, if you already have an existing project and are moving it to SiteGround, it will depend on the traffic you receive day by day. If you have any questions about which plan to choose, you can always contact me and I will recommend which plan suits you best according to your needs.

Choose domain

Once you have chosen the plan, Press the “GET PLAN” Button and on the next screen you will have to decide your domain.

siteground web hosting domainIn this step there are two alternatives:

  • If you do not have a domain, you can take advantage of the option selected “register new domain” and check the availability of the domain. In case I’m free, you’re going to the third and final step. Otherwise, you’ll have to try your luck with someone else. You’ll be happy to know that SiteGround gives you the first year of the Dominion.
  • If you already have domain: you will have to enter the domain that is already your property.

Regardless of the path you have followed, you will have to press the “Continue”button.

Complete Order on SiteGround Hosting

In this last step you will have to enter your personal details to complete the configuration and payment.

sitegroudn last step

An adjustment that should not be overlooked is to select the “data center” that hosts your website. If your target audience resides in USA, it will be appropriate to choose the data center in USA.

siteground data center

If your users reside in another continent, we can choose the other options.

Now yes, once all the fields are filled in, we can hit the “Pay Now” button and finish buying your SiteGround hosting. You won’t regret it, I assure you.


Great, the hosting account is set up, but we are not done just yet. Because you have to do some more works, such as name server setting, Website creations etc. And as this is not a how to create website using SiteGround hosting, I am not going to make this post long anymore.

But yes, if I get request from my reader then I will write another post on how to manage and create website using SiteGround hosting.


Chose your hosting plan here