Free Tools to Create Color Palettes

Creating a good color combination for a brand can be a task that we sometimes need to perform. Colours are of paramount importance in the world of branding and marketing.

Color has always been a real headache. And it’s no less. The colors of a brand say a lot about it. For many experts it is as important or more important than the logo. That’s why generating a color palette is very important.

Online Color Palettes Generator

Let’s look at the different ways to make color palettes online for Free:


One of the best color palettes generate website I like most. Coolors is easy to use and hugely practical. And it also free to use. You will be able to create 5 colors at the same time with the Create option. You will also find five colors that you can create one by one with a simple menu. Practice a little and you’ll get excellent results.

If you want, you can also get inspired by the Explore option looking for other color combinations that works.

Adobe Color

Another powerful tool for combining very powerful colors. To use Adobe Color you will have to have an Adobe account but its potential is also huge. You can create a full range of colors. Combinations of all kinds can be made through similar, monochromatic, complementary colors. Ideal for those looking for the perfect color palette.


If you want to know which color palette the big brands use, you might be interested in this  tool. BrandColors itself is not used to create colors. However, you will find hundreds of examples of color combinations to inspire you.

Color Hunt

It’s an another good option to generate color palettes. A very visual web to visualize examples. Although the color creation tool is not the best to me.


Although it is a slightly outdated design tool but it is still valid to create a color combination for a logo, web etc. Paletton’s best thing is that it is able to create an automatic color range for each color base tone.


Another interesting alternative. The best thing is that you can see thousands of examples of color palettes. On their website you will get some more utilities around color.


Another way to create color palettes that combine with a certain color. It works automatically. Enter their website and click Generate.

Palette Creator

For the end we have left one of the most interesting options on the list. Its functioning is completely different. This is an extension for Google Chrome ideal to know the color palette from an image.

With these 9 Free tools, it is easy to design a color combination that is much easier and, above all, effective. Hope all these color palettes generator website will i8ncr4e3ase3 yo9u7r4 productivity and working speed.