Best AI Writing Tools

Are you looking for the best AI writing tools in 2022? Do you find it difficult to gather information or find inspiration when writing content for your website?

It has happened to all of us in the world of SEO, Affiliate Marketing, or content marketing.

We are glad that we don’t need to write or find full content from the beginning using AI writing tools. We also don’t need to research a lot to write content for our website.

AI writing tools will help you create readable, exciting content, with correct syntax and spelling, without knowing anything about the subject in question.

For this reason, today, I will share the best AI content tools, their advantages, and disadvantages, and which one to choose.

All AI writing tools are powered by GPT-3; a new autoregressive language model developed using AI. The GPT-3 was created by OpenAI, a non-profit company from San Francisco in California, United States.

Top 12 best AI Writing Tools to create SEO Optimize Content

And now, yes, without further ado, Let’s start to explore all the best AI writing tools!

1. Jasper

Most of you know that Jasper (ex Jarvis and is one of the most revolutionary tools in AI content writing and digital marketing as a whole.

In early 2022 due to a rights issue, it was rebranded to Jasper, and you may still find Jasper everywhere by its old name Jarvis.

Jasper allows you to take your content creation to the next level.

I like Jasper’s design most. It has a very easy-to-use and friendly UI.

With just a couple of pointers, you can get Jarvis; sorry, I mean, Jasper to do a great job.

In other words, Jasper can generate content capable of responding to the search intent of your visitors. Without any doubt!

In short, Jasper is a tool that can be very useful to create content at close range, although I warn you, always, always, always, no matter the tool, you must check, correct, and improve the texts so that they position themselves better and have more quality.

Advantages of Jasper

  • The tool with the highest quality to create texts with AI in Spanish
  • Low price, from 29 USD per month.
  • More than 25 languages
  • Large community on Facebook of more than 50 thousand users
  • Original content
  • Easy to use and excellent user interface
  • Multiple editing possibilities and templates
  • Free trial version following this link

Disadvantages of Jasper

  • Blog post creator and full articles only with Boss Mode version
  • Much more options only with the Boss Mode version


In late 2021, one of the few noticeable downsides to Jarvis (as it was called at the time) was its high price.

However, they removed the Pro plan and lowered the price of the Boss Mode (the most premium plan that was at $119) in half.

Although it is good to say it, nowadays, the amount of words in Boss Mode is limited and varies according to what you pay. However, 50 thousand words are enough for an average user.

Click here if you want to get Jasper with Free 10,000 bonus credits.

2. Rytr

The second place in this list and silver medal is Rytr. Rytr is also my favourite AI writing tool as well.

Rytr surprised me the first time for two main reasons: its price and lifetime license on AppSumo and its interface where you can generate content in many languages in a second. website

Unfortunately, the deal with AppSumo has ended, and that offer is no longer available. It still offers cheap plans and even a monthly free one with up to 5000 characters per month.

It is undoubtedly one of the best, fastest, and cheapest AI writing tools on the market (I have no doubts about the latter and neither about speed).

Its interface in window mode makes content creation much easier and faster, although its full-screen interface achieves better visual quality.

One of the points in favour of Rytr is its ease of use: you log in, give it a couple of instructions and give Ryte (Write).

Advantages of Rytr

  • Straightforward and friendly interface
  • Create text in large quantities and at a fantastic speed
  •  You can use and combine various templates without leaving the editor
  • Rytr’s Free version of 5000 characters per month (they fly away, but they are suitable for you to try)
  • More than 30 languages
  • Medium to good text quality
  • Unlimited characters on your Unlimited Plan

Disadvantages of Rytr

  • Ended the agreement with AppSumo for its $39 Lifetime version
  • The quality of other languages ​​is not as good as English and Spanish.


For 9 dollars a month, you have 50 thousand characters to use, which depending on your use, could be negligible.

However, the great thing about Rytr nowadays is that for $29 a month, you can use it freely (or almost).

If you need a fast, affordable, cheap, and performs well-performing AI text generation tool, then Rytr is what you need.

Try Rytr for Free


The third position of this best AI writing tool list is is an AI writing tool for content marketing that does its job very well. It has 90+ different types of preset content templates and 8 narrative styles.

It is a tool with an online editor in which you can gradually build your content without leaving the platform.

Another of the things that I value most about this content creation tool with artificial intelligence is that they are always in continuous improvement. At the beginning of 2022, they added tutorial videos and usage examples in their online editor.

Its design is also amiable and user-friendly, although, unfortunately, it is a bit slow compared to the ones above in the list.

Advantages of

  • More than 90 types of preset templates
  • Very comfortable online editor. It can be closed and opened whenever you like, and it also can edit the text, put Hs, bold, italics, and even links.
  • Free 7-day version without the need to put your card
  • More than 25 languages
  • Nice and easy to use interface
  • Improvement continues

Disadvantages of

  • Cannot generate an entire blog post
  • It could be much faster
  • The free version of 10 monthly credits.


Undoubtedly, is one of the best AI writing tools with the best quality-price.

Its only paid version offers a monthly price of 49 dollars per month with unlimited credits.

If you decide to pay annually, 420 dollars, a monthly average of 35 dollars.

It doesn’t sound bad that for $35 a month, you can create all the content you want.

I liked this tool so much when I met it that I decided to create a full review after a while.

Try for Free

4. Copymatic

Copymatic is an artificial intelligence writing platform that has been increasing, including languages ​​and doing it in a big way.

Some tools include many languages, but it is easy to see that they use very basic translators and that the generated texts are full of errors.


It is not the case with Copymatic, which made me pleasantly surprised the first time I tried it.


For various reasons, what I liked the most and what you will also love is its Blog Post Writer, which allows you to create a complete article with a title, headings, and text in a matter of seconds.

You will be able to use more than 45 ready-made templates to choose from to generate your content.

Another exciting option offered by the Copymatic template to create texts with AI is to generate the headings and select each one so that content is created under each one.

The best thing about Copymatic is, It can be exported in HTML format and sent directly to your WordPress.

Advantages of Copymatic

  •  Nice and easy to use interface
  •  Fast generating text
  •  Blog Post Writer, create a complete article without doing practically anything
  •  More than 45 default templates
  • 15 languages
  • 24/7 email support

Disadvantages of Copymatic

Trial version with only 10 credits (barely used to test it).


Without a doubt, its Starter version for $29 seems very attractive. However, for only $20 more, you have unlimited credits.


It is the definitive version if you want to create excellent blog articles from scratch and large quantities.

If you are a niche SEO, copywriter, or digital marketer, I recommend that you try it.

Try Copymatic for Free


In the fifth position is


An AI writing tool is automatically used to create content in many languages, which offers things that others do not.

Its Quora Answers template is unique among its competitors and useful for those using the platform.

It also offers a template to hire a copywriter to tailor your content. Original that in an AI tool for content generation, they offer editors 🤣.

Its interface is easy to use. Its results are generally good.

The bad thing may be that it does not offer the possibility of creating a blog post step by step, something that you will surely value a lot.

Advantages of

  •  Quora Answer as the defined template
  •  Nice interface and very easy to use
  •  Possibility of hiring an editor to make custom texts
  •  No limits on your most basic plan
  • Possibility of having an account with several users
  • A free trial allows you to create more than 100 contents without putting the card!

Disadvantages of

  • It does not allow to create of complete contents
  • There are cheaper AI tools that allow you to create complete articles


Perhaps is not the cheapest automatic text tool.

However, for just $35, you can generate unlimited content for your niches.

In addition to that, its free version is one of the best on the market.

You have no excuses to try it!

Try for Free

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You will be able to buy Peppertype’s lifetime deals only for $59. If you use a new mail id to create an account on Appsumo, you will get an extra $10 discount.

6. Writesonic

Writesonic is one of the most recognized AI platforms for texts in the Anglo-Saxon and English-speaking world.

It is one of the best AI content writing tools with the best and most attractive interface. They take great care of aesthetics.


Its ability to generate texts in Spanish is of quite good quality, and it can make a post from 0 to 100 using the AI ​​Article Writer 2.0 template.

The way all the content is created is extremely interesting. In your article builder, you set the headers, which in turn can be modified and deleted.

Each header spends 1 credit, keeping in mind if you have the cheapest $15 plan that offers only 75 of those per month.


Advantages of Writesonic

  • Very nice interface
  •  4 plans
  •  Full article builder (choose good headlines)
  •  More than 45 default templates

Disadvantages of Writesonic

  • Requires a minimum of 50 words (it’s easier to write a paragraph by hand than to give it all that information)
  • Very mixed results with English, concise and with substantial errors
  • Very reduced free trial version


The free version is barely good for creating a couple of articles, the $15 version is very short, and the Professional version has unlimited credits, although for a not inconsiderable amount of $45.

Try Writesonic for Free

7. Article Forge

Another best AI writing tool you can try is to write content for your website.

Article Forge 3.0 is undoubtedly one of the reference tools in the sector.

Article Forge

It has several peculiarities that make it different from others, although that has its advantages and others.

The main difference is that it only offers to create content; there are no templates like other AI tools.

It is very simple to configure; it also offers the possibility of choosing articles of up to 750 words, which is a lot.


  • Very easy to use and configure
  • You can create items in bulk
  • With annual payment, you save 6 months for free
  • Create texts of up to 750 words


  • Slow to generate text
  • Only create articles. It does not have templates.


Article Forge

It is an expensive tool but offers things that others do not.

It can be a great alternative if you need large amounts of text processed with natural language.

However, it does not offer templates, which for me, is extremely necessary.

Try Article Forge For Free

8. Copysmith

We are already coming to the last 4 best AI tools for content.


Copysmith is another pioneer in the AI writing world with OpenAI’s GPT-3 language.


  • Various integrations
  • Plagiarism detector


  • Very slow
  • Creation of complete articles in English
  • Problems in the interface (errors jump continuously)


The Copysmith Starter plan’s cheapest version only offers 50 monthly credits, which is quite little.


In my opinion, the version of 59 dollars is unlimited but too expensive.

A tool that must continue to improve for this language.

Try Copysmith for Free

9. Nichesss

Niches is a somewhat particular AI writing tool.

Its aesthetics, unique subscription plan once registered, agreement with AppSumo with a lifetime license, and simple interface make it a tool with its supporters and detractors. There is no middle point.

It has more than 55 pre-created templates, among which is the one to create a complete article from scratch.


Advantages of Nichess

  • Use Deepl in your translations
  • Economic price
  • Very advantageous lifetime agreement with AppSumo
  • Very minimalist interface (can be a disadvantage if you don’t like it)

Disadvantages of Nichess

  •  Design that does not look professional
  •  Payment only by card


Niches have a single subscription of 19 dollars.

It also has a lifetime agreement with unlimited credit on AppSumo for $59.

It is an option to keep in mind if you do not care about design or professional style.

I find its lifetime plan very interesting always to have a tool available to create automatic content.

Try Nichess for Free

10. Unbounce Smart Copy (ex

Congratulations on reaching almost at the end of the list.

Number 10 is an artificial intelligence software for automatic texts acquired by Unbounce.


It is another of their products, and they are still being perfected in Spanish.

Smart Copy, formerly, is a fairly minimalist platform that generates automatic texts only.

The options are not many, nor are the templates, but it is something that the company will surely generate continuously.

One of the most interesting things is its creation of landing pages.

Advantages of Smart Copy

  • Landing page design
  • Simple interface

Disadvantages of Smart Copy

  • The very limited free version
  • Spanish is far from ideal
  • Mixes with English sometimes


The free version offers 5 generations per day. Even the options are very limited.

The $49 version seems expensive for what it offers. Still, it’s a tool to consider later, as Unbounce’s purchase of is very recent.

Try SmartCopy for Free

11. WordHero

WordHero is one of the best and cheapest AI writing tools hitting hard in the industry. I have tested it for a good few weeks, and it works very well. Personally, I use WordHero regularly.

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, blogger or writer, WordHero will be the best AI writing tool for you. WordHero has a lifetime deal on Appsumo. GRAB WordHero lifetime deal for $89 before the offer ends!

It costs only 89 dollars for life, and you heard right: FOR LIFE.

WordHero AI Writing Software

With just $89, you will use WordHero 54 AI Writing Tools for life.

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12. Outranking

Outranking is another new AI writing tool that generates impact and community.


It is not only focused on content creation but also on direct SEO positioning. In other words, the tool is designed to position content and helps you with absolutely everything.

I enjoy companies that are so transparent that they even have a roadmap.

Which AI content creator to choose?

Several tools offer great content in any language.

Jasper is without a doubt the tool that I recommend the most, especially now that its price has dropped and it has adjusted more to the pockets of its large number of users.

Another inexpensive tool that is very simple and fast to use (even more Jasper) is Rytr. Its customization, optimization, integration, and text quality options are not as good as the first recommended one.

If you want an extremely complete and easy-to-edit content AI tool continuously improving, you can try

Finally, an AI content writing tool that I will pay more attention to and follow closely is Copymatic. It can reach a great level in a short time. I do not have doubts.


SEOs and marketers of all kinds increasingly use AI writing tools for automatic content generation.

They are used to create posts, emails, ads, titles, descriptions, and copy in general and dozens of contents for social networks.

Without a doubt, a tool of this type will help you reduce the time when creating content for your niches or blogs.

Even though there are excellent tools, you should always use your experience, common sense, and knowledge to take those articles or content to the next level.

No AI writing tool is perfect, and none will magically rank your content. They should be seen for what they are, tools.

Do they help? Yes, a lot, but they won’t do all the work for you.

You can benefit from these AI writing tools as long as you use them conscientiously and do your part in creating unique content that responds well to what the user wants and Google.

Have you used any of these artificial intelligence writing tools? Do you recommend any other? Tell me in the comments.