Are you looking for a solution to create content more efficiently? can help you with that.

CopyAI is a great tool for bloggers who have used other AI writing software available on the market that does not benefit from their needs.

CopyAI can be used in various ways, such as article writing and website content. You can use it to stay active on social media or use it to create slideshows or listicles on sites like Buzzfeed or CNET. There are no limits to how you can use CopyAI!

I have used and other artificial intelligence tools for several months. And I have accelerated my content creation by 200%.

Today, we will see everything about, one of the best AI writing tools I have used and strongly recommend.

Let’s get started!

What is

CopyAI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered content generation platform. It allows you to build a single piece of content and then get unlimited variations to appeal to your target audience.

You’re able to see the popularity and performance of each variation published through our analytics dashboard. From tracking performance, you can see whether it’s working for your business or not. So, you can make decisions to optimize your engagement.

According to the company, equates to the “end of writer’s block,” and they promise that their automated creativity tools can create marketing copy in seconds.

The truth is that CopyAI is an automatic text generator in which you can create texts of various kinds in seconds using artificial intelligence.

With CopyAI, you will save a lot of time since you will instantly obtain original texts using a brief configuration and some keywords.

It is possible that at the end of the post, you will fall in love with everything that the CopyAI tool offers, which allows you to create automatic text of various kinds through its artificial intelligence.

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Why should you use

If you are a blogger, Entrepreneur, or Affiliate marketer, or maybe, you are going to start your content writing or marketing career. Then you will face a really hard time creating SEO-optimized content for your website. In this case, CopyAI will save your time by creating unique and SEO-optimized content using AI.

Many Affiliate Marketers have their niches abandoned for years after they were created, without updating or improving them, and far from the maximum possible potential.

One of the things that make us the most time for SEO and blogging is to write content as it should be, using all our content writing skills in the task.

That is why this type of automatic content creation tool arises, to greatly facilitate the task and thus be able to fulfill all our activities.

If you are an SEO Service provider, blogger, or content writer, if you work for an agency or are the one who runs it, if you are a copywriter and asks you for large amounts of content, if you are a digital marketing analyst or an ads expert, CopyAI tool is definitely for you.

I will tell you more reasons to use the CopyAI tool.

1. Templates

CopyAI software currently has more than 90 different templates by default to create your content in a pre-established way according to what suits your needs.

What can you create with CopyAI

Those 90 templates are divided into several categories: product descriptions, copy for websites, emails, and newsletters, copy for sales, and blogs, among many more.

2. Online Editor

Another of the great advantages of this automatic text generator is that when generating text, you will be able to edit online and create your content in the Editor hidden in a tab to the right of the browser.

It is a great functionality that allows us to edit what we like and eliminate or change what we don’t.

It is an inexpensive tool.

A platform that allows us to create unlimitedly should cost much more than it is worth. You can save $ 168 if you get an annual subscription. Crazy!

Try for free.

3. You save a lot of time

The main advantage of this type of artificial intelligence tool is the possibility of doing in moments what takes hours or days.

That is only why this tool is worth it. It will save us many days a year. More vacations if we wanted!

Endless content possibilities

To the more than 90 templates mentioned above, it is added its 8 narrative styles.

You will be able to choose the most appropriate style for your niche, from a type of writing that is friendly, professional, relaxed, persuasive, empathetic, among others.

4. Free trial version, and without cards

Yes. Instantly! You can test this platform for 7 days without adding any card and practically all the functionalities.

Note: Get 7 days of this free tool by using this link.

In addition, if you have more than one email, this allows us to try it again to decide for it or not.

If you’re looking for a Best Email Marketing automation tool, then read about INBOX.

5. Multiple Language

Another advantage of CopyAI is creating content in many different languages and obtaining very good quality. Besides English, there are more than 25 languages ​​to choose from.

copyai supported language

CopyAI supports many different languages, such as Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, and Chinese.

Disadvantages of the tool

Despite all the good things it brings, there are some downsides to the competition or points for improvement. Every tool has them.

  • The text blocks obtained are usually small.
  • It is slower than other AI tools such as Rytr or Nichess.
  • Its online Editor is quite limited and without multimedia elements.
  • Do not write long sections for the blog.

How to create content with

Making content with CopyAI involves a very simple 3-step process that anyone can do in seconds.

copyai dashboard

I will show you how to create content that stands out on your blog step by step.

1. Choose the type of content

After registering, the website redirects us to the platform to create content. If you register with your Gmail, it doesn’t even ask you to verify your email.

We must first select the type of content that we create in the left sidebar.

Remember that there are more than 90 different types to choose from, divided into more than 10 different categories.

Main content categories to create

  • Products descriptions – Product descriptions (1)
  • Digital Ad Copy – Digital Ads (9)
  • Startup Tools – Tools for startups (5)
  • Website Copy – Website Copy (9)
  • Blog Tools – Blogging Tools (8)
  • Email / Letter – Email / newsletter (6)
  • Social Media Tools – Social Media Tools (16)
  • Sales Copy – Sales Copy (8)
  • Writing Tools – Writing Tools (19)
  • Brainstorming Tools – Brainstorming tools (5)
  • Personal Tools – Personal Tools (6)

I selected Blog Conclusion as the example:

copyai writing

This category allows us to write the title of our post and a few lines about what the post is about. We need to give this info to the tool to work well.

2. Add the main qualities

As shown in the above image, I wrote the post’s topic that I wanted to write in a very simple way.

Below I detailed a little more the theme.

Note: Although my blog is Programming focused, this does not mean that you can only give digital marketing information. You can do it in the niche you want. In this case, I wanted to create content for this post that you are reading right now.

Later we will select the language and the narrative style by clicking on Advanced Settings. We select the language and the type that best suits what we want to achieve.

3. Content selection and editing

After choosing the language and style, we have to click on “Create a copy” and let the magic happen after a few seconds.

CopyAI will generate different types of texts, and there we will have to copy or save the ones we like the most.

The good thing is that we can edit them right there. How? By using CopyAI Editor tools.

In CopyAI Editor, we can paste the paragraphs that we liked the most and modify them instantly.

content genration suing copyai

Note: I like the tool so much that the last paragraph of this image is part of the conclusion of this same post.

Also, when we get to the bottom, we are offered the option to create more. Sometimes we may not like the results or prefer to obtain more varieties.

This button will give us new possibilities to complete our text.

Subsequently, we will only have to pass our document to our website, newsletter, mail, or doc to continue editing it.

CopyAI Price

The price of this tool, as I already mentioned, is quite low, even more so if we take into account the price of our time or that of the editors.

You can save time and money with this tool and use both in other things or projects of your interest.

The monthly price of this tool is $49. However, if you decide to pay annually, you will get it for only $420, saving more than $150 a year.

Get unlimited copy and ideas with our pro plan.

Try the free trial version without cards of this tool by clicking here.

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Alternatives to CopyAI

Like any tool in the digital world, it usually has alternatives that may have some advantages that CopyAI does not have. I present you with two very good alternatives to CopyAI.

1. Nichess

Nichess is one of the best and cheap AI content creation tools. Like CopyAI, it allows you to create content instantly using AI.


The quality of the results Nichess delivers is unmatched. You will be able to make the content between 2000 and 3000 words in just a little while and after a simple configuration.

It even has a very cheap reduced plan and a complete monthly plan, but its price rises.

Get Nichess Lifetime Deals

2. Rytr

It is another great tool for creating content with artificial intelligence. website

The advantage of Rytr is its price. For 290 dollars a year, you will have this tool available to create unlimited articles for you.

Its other advantage is the ability to create long content in its online Editor, which is intuitive and comprehensive.

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Writing content using AI tools is a good solution for bloggers, marketers, or business owners. You can save a lot of time using AI writing tools like CopyAI. But, to make the AI-generated content more user-friendly, you should recheck your content to make some corrections.

CopyAI is a great tool to create automatic content, and as a content writer, you can save more time. It is worth all the price in the world.

With a single tool such as CopyAI, you have the possibility of winning many days a year that you would previously use to write, accommodate, and even redo your texts.

In seconds, you can get a quality “skeleton” of a text that chooses to position itself in the big leagues … then it remains to give it that personal touch-up, which makes the difference.

If you write a lot, lack time, do ads constantly, have an agency, and feel that you low budget to hire a writer, then can be your best ally from now on.

CopyAI is now available for freelancers and individual bloggers to embed on their websites. Many tools use AI to generate content, but CopyAI is one of the most efficient AI tools on the market today.

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Do you use any AI software for content? What experiences have you had? Tell me in the comments below.