Alternatives of Adobe Photoshop

Today I am going to share a selection of the best alternatives of the popular Adobe Photoshop Software.

Photo editing software similar to Adobe Photoshop are many, more than we can think of. Within the professional, Adobe Photoshop is the most famous and most used photo editor software.

We know that the potential of Adobe Photoshop software is infinite. But this Adobe software is not alone and it would be good to know which alternatives of Adobe Photoshop software exist in the market.

Alternatives of Adobe Photoshop

If you don’t want to pay to use Adobe Photoshop, then this top 20 alternative of Adobe Photoshop software list can help you edit photos fast, professionally, and for FREE.


One of the best and well known free photo editor software to retouch images. It is a similar software of Adobe Photoshop but free. There is also a good community of users who provide tutorials, ideas and all kinds of help to learn how to retouch photos in a relatively simple way using Gimp.


It includes different functions to edit images easily. Even users can edit their photos from Flickr or Photobucket, while it supports layers and overlay images.


Photo editor software for professional photographers. Its operation tries to simulate the process of traditional development. Has versions for PC, Mac and Linux and is free.


Another free image correction software available for Pc, Mac, and even Linux. It comes with interesting photo filters that greatly speed up the work.


Another web application to edit photos. It includes editing tools, as well as some additional features as a tool to remove red eyes or eliminate unwanted color nuances. Unlike other services you don’t need to register, so just access the official website and start editing photos online.


This image editor is a serious competitor of Adobe Photoshop. It includes tools similar to Adobe Photoshop software but at a much lower price. Among other options it offers an advanced RGB Editing curve, RGB individual color editing Channel, Improvement Tool, recordable actions and even the possibility to create photo albums and cards.


This photo editor software comes with Apple computers. If you are looking for a software similar to Adobe Photoshop for Mac, one option is Photos. Actually, Photos come to replace the old Aperture. It includes tools to edit images easily and quite intuitively. It has a good number of options to perfect images, automatic white balance, color nuance correction, exposure, vitality, curves, as well as a set of paint brushes and a wide collection of effects.


Pixlr become very popular in recent dates. Its mobile app was its main argument. Pixlr app is available for iOS and Android, a free photo editor with more than 600 effects, overlaps and frames that allow you to perform tasks such as image redemption, whitening teeth or removing red eyes among other possibilities.


Another Adobe Photoshop-like photo editor software available for free. It already has a long history, more than ten years, and every certain time a new update appears. Its main advantage is that it comes with numerous plugins to improve the photographic retouching process. It supports Windows 10.


One of the best known photo editor software in the world of photographic retouching. Despite being free it has many features. Not only can you retouch photos but you are able to work to print fairly complete photographs.


Another software to edit photos on Mac to keep in mind, especially for the quality of the styles and photographic touches that can be achieved. It’s priced at 29.99 dollars, but if you’re really looking for a professional photo retouching software, maybe you’re looking at one of the options to consider.


A curious tool to retouch free images without downloading any software, that is online. If you enter its website you can see how its similarities with Adobe Photoshop are evident. It is even able to work with files in PSD format.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use image retouching software, it may be the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop that exists. Without having any idea how to retouch images, you can handle yourself without any problems.


With a simple and pleasant interface it offers multiple features similar to Adobe Photoshop software, such as layers, gradients, color selector and preset style settings.


An online photo editor alternative of Adobe Photoshop that even offers us the opportunity to work with layers and different modes of layer fusion. In addition to traditional special effects, various selection, cutting, magic wand tools can also be used, transforming or cloning the image, among others. It has a free version, and two other payment options with more options.


In this case we are not talking about a software to edit photos properly. It is rather an image converter, although it incorporates some basic options for photographic retouching. Quick, simple and uncomplicated. If you’re looking to retouch photos in batches, then you will like it.


Maybe the funniest photo editor software on the list. It really a return to the past. A software for nostalgic traditional photography. Its main advantage is that it seeks to edit images in a non-destructive way. This is a software for editing negatives.

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel’s also has its editor software. A powerful photo editor tool, though its price is bit high. You need $79.99 to get the full version. But dont need to be upset, cause you will be able to try it FREE for 30 days.

Affinity Photo

One of best and serious Adobe Photoshop’s competitors is Affinity Photo. It is not free but its price encourages many professionals to choose it. You don’t have to pay for subscription as in Adobe Photoshop software. It’s really a good software to edit photographs.


This Adobe Photoshop-like software is only available on Mac. It includes tools for Layer Styles, non-destructive filters, Levels, Curves and Fusion modes. It stands out for its filters that allow to create truly unique effects.

I hope with these top 20 alternatives of Adobe Photoshop be very helpful for you. And also, you will no longer have an excuse to try out a good photo editor.