INBOX - Best Email Marketing Automation Tool

In Digital Marketing, email marketing is one of the oldest but most effective ways. As long as email is a relatively old technology, email marketing still exists because it works. Over the years, many companies have developed email marketing tools to help automate the process.

According to the Statista website, the number of email users worldwide will be 4.14 billion in 2022 – more than a third of the population. Your company’s target audience is likely to be among those people, right?

Email Marketing Automation uses email on a massive scale to attract potential customers to brands. If your business objective is to reach more people effectively, directly, and economically, implementing an email marketing automation tool (and its inclusion in the digital strategy) will be essential.

However, most email marketing tool is very extensive, and for your strategy to come to fruition, you must find the option that best suits your company’s needs. For that, I will share the best Email Marketing tools that can adequately help your brand.

Today, I will talk about INBOX, a next-generation Email Marketing automation tool with many advanced features in today’s post. If you’re looking for the best alternative to Mailchimp or even MailerLite, INBOX will be the best option for you.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a relationship and communication channel that offers various options for Digital Marketing strategies. It is possible to use various communication formats, such as offers, newsletters, activations, memorial cards, proper notices, etc.

Even you can use Email marketing for selling a product, notifications about the update in a blog, offer of a free download, commemorations, among others.

What is INBOX?

INBOX is an email marketing automation tool to send & analyze email marketing campaigns. You will get many advanced features and built-in tools in INBOX to create an awesome and convertive email campaign for your business.

INBOX Email Marketing tool

The best thing about INBOX is, you don’t need to know any coding to create your email campaign. INBOX has a very easy-to-use, user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop design tool.

With Inbox, You can:

  • Create Mail Subscriber forms and embed them on your website.
  • Design and send emails.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Implement automated email sequences.

If you are looking for is an alternative to MailChimp or Active Campaign, Inbox is possibly the best solution for you.

Explore INBOX

Why Should You Choose INBOX?

Finding an ideal marketing automation tool will be much easier than it sounds. I listed some of the main features of INBOX. You can review all the features to understand why you should choose INBOX.

Brand Management

If you have multiple brands or businesses, you don’t need to use multiple accounts. Using a single INBOX account, you can manage and send mail for all of your brands.

I am sending mail to all my business subscribers, including my website email subscribers. Before using INBOX, I used to use Mailchimp. But after finding INBOX, I bring all my accounts and EMail list in one place. INBOX saves me a lot of time because I can track, manage all my business emails from one dashboard.

No coding Knowledge is Required.

You don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use INBOX and create a mobile-friendly Email Campaign. You even don’t need to hire a Graphic designer to design your email template.

INBOX has a Drag and Drop Editor and so many predesigned templates.

You can use INBOX HTML Editor, Newsletter templates, or Drag and Drop builder to create your email marketing campaign.

Personalize Your Campaigns

You can personalize your email marketing campaign using the INBOX marketing automation tool.

Email automation such as Welcome emails, Sales Email series, promotional emails, or even Birthday emails can do with just a click.

You can split and filter your subscriber list using simple INBOX UI.

Email Campaign Optimization

Optimizing Email marketing is very essentials. If you want more sales or leads from your email marketing campaign, you have to do many optimizations.

In INBOX, you can improve email marketing performance by doing A/B Testing, Auto Resend, and RSS campaigns.

Email verification

No email list is clean, and not every mail is active. To make a good email list for your email marketing campaign, you have to verify all emails regularly to check they are valid or not.

INBOX has a prebuilt tool to do email verification. It means you don’t need to use another tool to verify your mail list.

Easy Integration

You can connect INBOX with popular apps, such as Zapier, WooCommerce, Pabbly, Shopify, Slack, and more.

You even can integrate INBOX with your custom application using their REST API. INBOX has developer-friendly API integration documentation. You can read INBOX API guides from here.

Marketing Campign Reports

INBOX has a comprehensive, precise, and easy-to-manage campaign reports system. Using INBOX advanced Reporting and Analytics tools, you can track your in-depth campaign reports, such as total open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards and unsubscribes, etc.

Unlimited Email Sending

INBOX doesn’t have an email sending limitation. Even using INBOX free plans, you can send unlimited mail.

Awesome Supports

The INBOX support team is incredible. Whatever problem you face, the INBOX support team will be right beside you to help.

Normally, I didn’t get a faster reply than the INBOX support team from another Email automation service provider.

How much is INBOX costing?

INBOX has the most attractive pricing packages. It has a free package which you can use forever.

Using the INBOX free package, you can add only 500 email subscribers to your list. If you want, you subscribe to their Pay as you go package which will cost $89/Annualy.

INBOX professional package will cost $5 per month. And if you are running an agency and need some more custom pricing options, you can always contact INBOX to get custom pricing.

INBOX Lifetime Deals on AppSumo

If you want to create a beautiful newsletter without touching a line of code, INBOX will be the best Email Marketing automation tool for you.

INBOX Lifetime deal

INBOX premium package is already very cheap. But if you are starting a business, you could save more by purchasing an INBOX lifetime deal from Appsumo.

On Appsumo, INBOX lifetime deals are going on for $69.


What will you get in INBOX lifetime deals?

  • Lifetime access to INBOX
  • Multi-brand management (10 brands)
  • Unlimited groups, segmentation, and web forms
  • INBOX events and High sending speed
  • Custom Sender ID
  • A/B split campaign, RSS feed, and Auto Resend
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • All future Professional Plan updates
  • Newsletter design with INBOX Brush
  • Ready-made Newsletter templates
  • Real-time reports and CASL compliant
  • API integration and webhooks, and More.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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  4. Now create an account to buy INBOX life team deals with the extra discount.

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My Opinion about INBOX

I am a marketing guy; even don’t understand digital marketing like an expert marketer. But being a business owner and blogger, I have been using the Email marketing automation tool for a long time.

To me, INBOX is a good email marketing software. Its UI is awesome and easy to understand.

Its functionalities include a drag & drop editor, segmentation and target groups, IP tracking to identify clients, automatic A / B tests, advanced analytics with detailed reports, and customization tools. In addition, it offers special solutions for eCommerce agencies, B2B and B2C companies, large companies, and public institutions.

If you are looking for advanced email marketing automation tools with minimum cost, you should go with INBOX. But if you have a good marketing budget, you might choose other Email marketing automation tools, such as Benchmark, Getresponse, SendFox, etc.


Before launching any Email Marketing Automation campaign, it is necessary to clearly and concisely define the objectives. You can use Email marketing to retain an audience, increase sales, increase the number of subscribers, etc.

And using Email Marketing automation tools like INBOX, you can make those objectives into tangible goals, so much the better.


I hope you choose the best email marketing tool to grow your sales. If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to ask in a comment.