Printing Design Adobe Photoshop Sizing Chart

Printing Design Sizing Chart in Photoshop

I am not a Graphic designer and I don’t claim it at all. But yes, I like to do creative stuff.

As I am a hobbies Graphic Designer and sometimes I need to print my design for personal showcase, I must need to know the actual printing size dimension. Most important to use the photo print size in Adobe Photoshop.

Last two months, I started my own Print on Design business with my Ecommerce site at and to print my customer design, I was looking for the print design size chart for adobe Photoshop cc.

Its really hard to find all the measurement at one place. Thats why I collect all the Photoshop size chart at a place, specially for printing media.

Design Print Size Chart for Photoshop

Here all sizing is measured in ” inches. W is width and H is height.

20oz Tumbler Photoshop size: 3 ½” inches to 4 ½” inches in height. I will suggest to measure, because it may vary by country.

30oz Tumbler Photoshop size : 3” inches to 3.33” inches. I tested that any tumbler with a stainless steel ring at the top, should not exceed 3” inches in height. Yeti Rambler Tumbler 30 ounce fits a 3.33″H inch in height decal.

Universal 20oz and 30oz Tumbler Photoshop Size: 3″H inches in height.

Vehicle Window Photoshop Size Chart: 5″ inch – 21″ inch. It may varies per vehicle and placement area.

Laptop Cover Design Photoshop Size: I will recommend to use 4” inches to 6” inches as I tested it myself.

iPad or Tablet Photoshop design size: 3” inches to 5” inches

iPhone or Phone design size: 1 ¾” inches to 2” inches

Mailbox design size: 6″ W inches in width to 6½” W inches in width. It may varies depending on the size of the mail box.

Beer Mug design pint size: 3” inches to 4 ½” inches will be perfect, though it may varies depending on the size of the beer mug.

Drinking Glass design print size: Most of the time, it will be 2” inches to 3 ½” inches. But it may varies depending on the size of the drinking glass.

Sports Water Bottle with Vertical Text print design size: 3″ to 4 ½” inches. You should measure yourself as it may varies depending on the size of the water bottle.

Coffee Mug print design size: 2” inches to 3 ½” inches. Please measure as it is varies depending on the size of the coffee mug.

Wine Glass print design size: 2” inches to 3 ½” inches. It may varies depending on the size of the wine glass.

Champagne Glass print design size: 1 ¾” inches to 2” inches. Varies depending on the size of the champagne glass.

Shot Glass print design size: 1” inch to 1 ¾” inches. It depending on the size of the shot glass.

Key Chain print design size: ¾” inch to 1 ½” inches. I will suggest to measure before the final design, because it may varies depending on the size of the key chain.

I will recommend you to measure your application surface prior before finalizing the design to avoidant any mistake.

Hope it will help most us, specially who are designing and printing for their hobbies.

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