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Malware infected system is really bad for a business. And if you use Malicious Software, you have to be sure that someone is stealing your information.

Website malware or malware infection is not a new technique to steal information, but its started since 1988. Since then its growing and as per Symantec Corporation’s report,there is total overall 1.7 billion malware.

Even Kaspersky said 89% of notifications on blocked web attacks were triggered by attacks coming from web resources located in 10 countries.

Top 10 Free Website Malware ScannerHere is the top 20 countries with the highest levels of computer infection:

Top 20 countries with the highest levels of computer infection Website Malware Shameem

Hacker may use various techniques or tools to inject malicious code into your website code. But you will see many Indirect signs that there is a virus on your website:

  • Excessive traffic consumption
  • The failure of attendance statistics
  • Redirection to unfamiliar Web sites
  • Blocking the site by web browsers
  • Increasing the server load
  • Alert from your hosting
  • Blocking website by Antivirus software
  • Google Safe browser warning and many more

Today I am not going to write about how to clean malware from a website, but going to show you how you can scan your website against the malware using free online tools.

Though these are free tools, but this will help you to know if your site is affected by known malware or not. So that, you can take necessary action to clean them.

But remember, you also need to do manual test to find out the malware or malicious code from your website.

Website Malware Scanner Tools Lists

  • Quttera
  • SiteGuarding
  • Web Inspector
  • Google Malware Checker
  • Metascan
  • Qualys MD
  • Virus Total
  • MalCare
  • ReScan
  • Foregenix
  • Hacker Combat


SUCURI is one of the best and most popular Security Scanners available for any platform websites including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. Using Sucr’s free tool, you can scan your website for following results:

  • Malware is detected
  • Website blacklisting against ten blacklists
  • Injected SPAM
  • Defacement

Here is the scan report for my site:

sucri website malware scan shameem

2. SiteGuarding

SiteGuarding Website Malware scan results may look like exactly same as sucri. But they provide in details report for free malware scan, which makes them different from Sucri. Even SiteGuarding checks for malware by external scan network and verifies blacklisting, SPAM, defacement.

SiteGuarding malware scan shameem

3. Quttera

Quttera offers free malware scanning against your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bulletin, SharePoint website.You will get an excellent report with following results:

  • Malicious files
  • Suspicious files
  • Potentially Suspicious files
  • Clean files
  • External links detected
  • iframes scanned
  • Blacklisted status

quttera scan report shameem

4.Google Malware Checker

Google’s Safe Browsing can check the website or page if contains malware or phishing content. It is the quickest way to find whether a website is dangerous to visit. I always recommend to check any site using google’s tools as it is important for search ranking.

Google Malware Checker

5. Qualys Malware Detection

Qualys Malware Detection can helps you to scan continuously for malware with an actionable report along with infected code for remediation. It has a nice dashboard with easy configuration and option to alert for any issue found. You will like its easy to access functionality and detail report.

6. Virus Total

It will analyzes suspicious files from multiple online scanners like Kaspersky, Malware, Dr. Web, Netcraft, Trustwave, Cybercrime, CloudStat and much more for viruses, worms, Trojans, and another kind of malware.

Virus Total is really a trust media to get total website malware report.

7. MalCare

MalCare is a WordPress plugin for comprehensive malware detection, cleanup, and protection. It has more than 3000 active installation and total 10,666 downloads.

MalCare uses more than 100 signals to examine WordPress website code to ensure from simple to complex malware is detected. It’s not just a scanning tool but MalCare also offers one click removal and continuous protection solution as well.

8. Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat offers both free and premium tool to check website for worms, backdoors, malware downloads, suspicious code, trojans, phishing, etc. Once the scanning is done, Hacker Combat will prompt you to enter the email where the report will be sent.

Here is the that you can generate from hacker Combat Free Malware scan tool:

  • Blacklist Checking
  • Malware Downloads
  • Drive-by-Drive Downloads
  • Phishing
  • Worms
  • Back Doors
  • Trojans
  • Suspicious iframes
  • Heuristic Viruses
  • Malicous Code

9. Metascan

Metascan is very helpful to scan an IP address or file for malware. The file will be scanned with 43 anti-malware engines and IP with following 12 sources. Metascan is a great tool for those who maintain server or doing hosting business.

Here is the list you can check using metascan:

  • Alien Vault
  • Brute Force Blocker
  • Chaos Reigns
  • Clean MX
  • Dragon Research Group
  • Feodo Tracker
  • Malc0de
  • Malware Domain List
  • OpenBL
  • Phish Tank
  • The Spamhaus Project
  • Zeus Tracker

Metascan report shameem

10. Web Inspector

Web Inspector also offers a free scan tool to quickly check if the web page is malicious or not and will show you details threat report on following points:

  • Blacklist
  • Phishing
  • Malware Downloads
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • Worms
  • Backdoors
  • Trojans
  • Suspicious iframes
  • Heuristic Viruses
  • Malicious Code
  • Connections

webinspector malware scan shameem

11. ReScan

Rescan is a free website malware scanner tool that will check websites for security issues in less than 60 seconds. It provides a quick report after following checks:

  • Hidden Redirects
  • Obfuscated Malware Injects on the Page
  • Blackhat SEO Links and Spam
  • Malicious Downloads and Drive-By Attacks
  • Website Defaces
  • Dangerous Widgets, Adware and E-Commerce Spyware
  • Website Blacklist Status: Google and 64 Others
  • Website Errors shameem

12. Foregenix

Foregenix scanner tool will quickly determines how vulnerable your website is to being hacked. It is also capable to detect if your site has already been comipromised or not.

Foregenix report shameem

Securing a website or any system is always challenging. Performing periodic checks on your system or website for malware is fine and a good habit. If you need a continuous security protection and monitoring services, then consider cloud-based security provider like SUCRI or Quttera.

Choosing the right product and service is essential to run an online business. I hope after reading this post, you will get a clear understanding on website malware and how to protect a website from malware.

Best of luck.