Website Needs a Redesign

How do you know if you need an update or a redesign of your website? It is a difficult question, and there is no clear answer.

Sometimes you know you need an update just because you want to update the design. Sometimes an update is expected because the current site cannot handle the new features you want to use.

However, here are 10 signs that will warn you about the need to redesign your website!

1. You don’t sell online

Selling via Phone call is almost a slow process!

Consumers want to shop online from start to finish. They don’t want to wait until your business opens before picking up the phone and placing an order. Besides, they may not have the time because they too are at work simultaneously.

If you continue to use the phone as the only way to record orders, then it’s time to think about an e-commerce solution for your website.

2. Your conversion rates are slowing down

It is not enough to be well referenced by search engines. If you’re having trouble converting the leads that land on your site, you need a major update or redesign.

Having a beautiful website does not solve everything; you have to revise the entire site’s design to correct the imperfections and make it a temple of conversions.

Visitors must navigate the shopping funnel and fluidly find effective call-to-actions and landing pages on their way.

3. The last redesign of your website dates back to..!

If you doubt it, know that the Internet is no exception to fashion and trends.

In technology, there are new trends that affect the design and development of a website every year. If you don’t update yourself by removing outdated features and adding new ones, your business’ reputation is at stake.

To realize how much the web has changed in a few years, take a look at this old version of Yahoo! :

Yahoo Old Design

Now compare it to the current site design:


Unless you are nostalgic for the web as it was in 2009, you will agree that the Yahoo! 2021 version is easier on the eyes than its ancestor.

Imagine that your site is equivalent to Yahoo! of 2009, while your competitors look like Yahoo! of 2021. There is no need to tell you who will choose your potential customers (or rather, who they will not choose ).

Therefore, a redesign is a perfect opportunity to dust off the design of your site once and for all, a real necessity so as not to be relegated to the rank of antiquity and be topical in your market.

You have to show that your brand adapts to trends and constantly looks for its market.

In addition, your site will not perform at all. It is better to redesign it slightly each year than to have a major update that will take time and have a high cost.

4. Your site is not mobile-friendly

According to StatCounter, in February 2019, 36% of internet traffic came from mobiles. In addition, according to FEVAD, one in five purchases is made from a smartphone or tablet.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide

If your website isn’t designed specifically for mobile devices, consider a complete rebuild.

Today’s algorithms look for several factors favour mobility, so adding mobile-compatible plugins and add-ons won’t solve the real problem. You have to think your site FOR mobile.

5. You have a high bounce rate

If leads leave your website without further engagement, that’s a clear signal that something is wrong. It can come from the design, content, page loading time and your hosting server.

My Advice:

Find testers who can give you complete feedback on the navigation and list the weak points.

In general, make sure to lighten your pages as much as possible so that they load in less than 3 seconds. Avoid flashy colours; opt for a sober design instead.

Don’t be tempted by the madness of pop-ups! You can put one that will go off after a few seconds, but don’t bombard the visitor immediately.

Finally, rethink your menu so that it best guides your visitors. And don’t forget to use a good hosting provider.

6. Search engines have changed their algorithms

The ultimate goal of any website is to get traffic and convert them into customers. You can do this by optimizing your website structure so that search engine spiders can index and rank your site properly.

But what if search engines change the rules? It happens every time there is an algorithm update for Google or other search engines. You should keep abreast of any changes and keep your website up to date to incorporate these changes.

7. Your site is not responsive

It’s a fact: Internet use on mobiles and tablets has surpassed Internet access on desktop computers.

internet usage worldwide

After checking the above chart, the observation is clear: your website must be responsive, that is to say, adaptable to smartphones, tablets and other media.

Suffice to say that a site that does not have optimal mobile navigation can almost say goodbye to half of its traffic. Therefore, the redesign of your website is the opportunity to remedy this to make it completely mobile-friendly.

8. The SEO of your site looks gray

SEO is one of the main challenges of any website. And for a good reason, the very existence of a site loses all its meaning if no Internet user finds it and does not visit it.

While improving SEO with simple techniques is possible, a site’s SEO situation sometimes requires more serious measures, such as a complete overhaul.

First, natural referencing is partly linked to the site’s technical performance: pages that are too slow and heavy can be very expensive, just like a poorly structured site. A good spring cleaning in the form of a redesign can therefore work wonders from an SEO point of view!

9. Your website is not user-friendly

Another factor to take into account: the user experience. Among the astronomical amounts of information that search engines take into account to make their rankings, the experience of your site visitors ranks high.

Understand by this that if your site is old and not very user-friendly, Internet users who land on your pages are likely not to stay there very long.

Keep in mind that Google will penalize your site without notice for a bad user experience. Thus, redesigning a website is also an SEO optimization in its own right.

10. You need new features

The life of a site is not a long calm river. He is brought to know evolutions, according to the opportunities and changes within your company.

For example, it is not uncommon for an informative site (blog, magazine, etc.) to evolve into an online sales site (even if this only represents a fraction of the activity). But this type of mutation does not happen with the snap of a finger. New features often require profound changes in the site and its architecture.

Therefore, a website redesign worthy of the name is necessary to take your website to new horizons and develop your online business.

How to redesign your website?

Implementing this large-scale project begins with the search for a competent service provider who corresponds to the specificities of your site and your company.

We ate Appbuff provide Web Design and Development services by following trends and SEO. If you need Free analysis and consultation along with a website redesign service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Appbuff.

You can also download our model specifications for website redesign free of charge.

Download Specification for Website Template


Did you recognize any of these signs? It’s time to review the design of your website.

If you need a professional freelance developer to redesign your website, you can send me an email or get in touch via LinkedIn.