Today I am going to share my opinion about FastComet with you. This hosting company has only 3 shared hosting plans for WordPress that I am sure you will consider checking after reading the article.

Three shared hosting plans stand out for having a remarkable price/performance, being economically attractive, having a 24/7 technical support service every day of the year, and all the extras you need for your project with WordPress; you do not lack anything.

In their plans, you will be able to host one or more domains, numerous websites, create your corporate email account, configure Free SSL by Lets Encrypt, configure the SSL layer, activate the http2 protocol and enjoy the benefits of Softaculus and Cpanel. You also have an excellent bandwidth, more than enough for starting projects and have reasonable growth expectations.

In short, if you are searching for good WordPress hosting, FastComet is an excellent option. So stay tuned for all the details that I will tell you below.

Let’s go there!

How do I discover FastComet?

I discovered FastComet in 2018. I don’t remember very well the details of how I found this hosting provider. Still, I remember that I monitored FastComet for a long time since their excellent price and performance caught my attention. Indeed, I did not get to use it until the end of 2019, when I migrated to this hosting.

Specifically, I opted for the most potent SpeedUp hosting plan (I bought it in promotion on a Black Friday), now it’s called FastCloud Extra, which I used for one year.

The following year, I decided to go down to the lower package called ScaleRight, which covered my needs well and had a more attractive price. That plan currently corresponds to the FastCloud Plus package.

FastComet pricing

Though later, I moved to my reseller hosting account.

The fact is that my experience was very positive during that year, so I do not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about my feelings and experience with FastComet.

Why am I sharing my experience with FastComet with you despite not currently using it?

FastComet shared hosting package is a perfect solution for those looking for a WordPress hosting provider with the best price/performance ratios on the market.

It is not the cheapest provider but not the most expensive either. In many contexts, it is the most suitable solution for many people’s projects, from newbies to WordPress web designers or online business owners.

But also because many close people who are introduced to the world of WordPress ask me again and again for a WordPress hosting provider. rating

Obviously, to these people, I cannot recommend the solution that I currently use -various VPS servers- because it does not make any sense in their context.

I explain to them that they do not heat their heads with the “1000 solutions” available and that they contract the FastCloud Plus plan for about 150 euros a year, which has everything they need to start their project. No more, no less.

In addition, as FastComet activates different promotions throughout the year, you can almost always purchase a plan with discounts of up to 50% on the usual price. Something to keep in mind.

And you? What are you reading in this article? What are you waiting for?

Other people prefer to do a little more research or ask for more opinions. I invite the latter to read this article so that they can draw their conclusions.

Price and Performance ratio of FastComet

As I was saying, from the beginning, I noticed the excellent price/performance ratio of FastComet.

The initial thing I did before I purchase hosting from FastComet, they offered to analyze the technical characteristics of their shared hosting plans one by one and write down the marketing prices.

Then I compared them to the reference provider I had for WordPress at the time, SiteGround.

Note. I have been a massive fan of SiteGround until the June 2018 price hike.

On paper, I came to the conclusion that FastComet had – and has – the same quantity and quality of service that SiteGround offered me but at a more competitive price. The decision was clear, and I had to try one of his plans. compare with all other hosting

I highlight the following characteristics of the FastComet plans.

I explain, you see.

You are going to use WordPress Optimized hosting panel. It will give better support and performance for your WordPress project.

You have the option to register a free domain. Ideal if you are starting. You are going to save 10/15 dollars a year.

You have a remarkable disk space capacity (15, 25, and 35 Gb). More than enough to contain more than ten projects with WordPress.

Their servers have solid drives SSD, and it will give more speed to your projects.

It has unlimited databases -more than enough for all your projects.

You have unlimited subdomains – ideal hosting for those who need to create a subdomain for project development. The uses are endless.

You have unlimited email accounts -more than enough for all your projects and all your domains.

You can host multiple websites (FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra). Ideal when you know what you want, you will need two or more projects and require their domain or brand.

The latest technology for your WordPress is within reach of several clicks. It has a Cpanel-powered control panel and has multiple versions of PHP. It included PHP 7.4 by default. You can upgrade to any PHP version which is required by your project.

You can configure Lets Encrypt SSL in a relatively simple way. Its configuration is slightly different from other providers with Cpanel.

You will get a more significant number of inodes than other hosting providers. And I am sure that you know, more inodes mean more resources, more power, more speed.

You have a free migration service. If you have a project with another provider, they migrate it at no cost to you.

You have daily backups with a minimum retention of 7 days. It is essential and fundamental in any project, whatever its nature. If you opt for FastCloud Extra, the retention is 30 days.

Its final price is frankly attractive. It is not the cheapest hosting provider on the market or the most expensive. FastComet is simply one of those that offer the best price and performance balance, if not the best.

Note: If you remain attentive to the promotions they launch throughout the year, you can access professional hosting for just under 35 dollars (FastComet Plus is highly recommended).

Another Note. FastComet does not have the entire horizon that SiteGround or other more veteran providers have. Still, they do things well, and the reality is that it is often more important to access good hosting at a competitive price without skimping on features and support than a provider of ” brand “or more veteran. And that’s just what you have with FastComet and their hosting plans.

So far, everything looks excellent to me, so we continue with another important point. If I host my website on FastComet, how will it perform?

Loading Speeds in FastComet

I like to test hosting plans and approximate ​​the loading time with a website in the hosting package I am trying from that provider.

For this, I follow a simple method: installing a WordPress from one of my sites in the demo catalogue, making all the necessary configuration adjustments to obtain the best possible load time.

Results obtained in GTMetrix

The loading speed score obtained with this tool is 100% – the best time received to date.

wordpress speed optimziation

Results obtained in BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is a tool to see how the server performs as concurrent visits (users) increase.

fastcomet speed test on BlazeMeter

In the test, we see the server’s response time from 1 concurrent user until reaching 50, and this is the maximum allowed number of simultaneous users in the free BlazeMeter account.

With this tool, we try to see the stability of the server as the traffic increases. The shorter the times, the better.

The average response time during the test, in this case, is 300.65 ms. It is a tight time, although it is the worst of all the ones I have analyzed so far. For example, in the SpeedUp plan, you get a better average time.

The Response time graph in the image below shows how the concurrent connections are stable up to 40/45. At that moment, the average response time begins to suffer, and it rises above 700 ms.

The curve of this graph is aligned with those of other analyzes carried out to date, although in this case, the loss of stability manifests itself a little earlier.

For me, the results are relevant enough to hold FastComet in high regard.

Price and shared hosting plans at FastComet

In the picture below, you have the details of the three plans of shared hosting offering FastComet today. The plans are FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

FastComet shared hosting price

Note. The image shows the prices of a promotion with a 70% discount for the first year.

The three-column breakdown that you see in the image below shows you the details of each plan in a summarized way. It is the usual style in these cases.

FastComet WordPress Hosting – Pricing Plans features

  • Free SSL with Lets Encrypt
  • SSD Drives
  • 24-hour support in English by ticket, chat or phone.
  • cPanel
  • Uses HTTP / 2, but only on their FastCloud and FastCloud Plus plans
  • Daily backups. Retention of 7 days or 30.
  • One-click restoration.
  • Datacenter in the USA and Europe.
  • You can use multiple PHP from 5.3 to 7.4

More information and details are here.

After contracting a plan, you receive a welcome email with all the data, and among them, you have access to data to the client area.

The FastComet Cpanel

In Fastcomet, you have a slightly customized cPanel which is not a problem if you have worked with other WordPress hosting providers that use the same panel. Come on, and you won’t have any difficulty getting along.

After purchasing a hosting plan, you can access it directly from the client area or the URL provided in the welcome email.

If you are using FastComet cPanel for the first time, then no worries, your effort will be the same as with another provider. You can be calm in that regard.

Technical support and customer service

I will not talk about technical support because I did not use FastComet hosting like a normal or non-technical user.

I have extensive experience in technical matters and numerous hosting providers that use CPanel (or others), so everything was clear. That’s why I didn’t need to contact with FastCOmet support for the technical solution.

But, I can tell you the experience of clients to whom I have recommended FastComet, they have used this service, and after that, they have told me their feelings.

In that sense, and in general, I know that the support is very attentive, fast and decisive. That is what FastComet has attracted me to buy their hosting.

Doing an Internet search, you can go a little deeper in this aspect.

I would like you to keep the idea that if you decide to invest in FastCometyou will receive excellent attention and technical support.

What else can I share with you regarding support?

Well, the type 1 queries that I have made. Where can I find such data in your client area? Or 2. Where can I download the invoice from? They have been solved for me immediately and without significant setbacks.

I have no more to share with you.

Let’s go with the things that I do not like about FastComet that not everything is rosy.

What don’t I like about FastComet?

I highlight some things that I do not like about FastComet. All providers have their not-so-pretty items.

They will sow their service promotion advertisement in your client area. Luckily, I don’t have to be logged into this platform often, but I hate that they sell me a higher-performance product every time I connect.

    • They have taken too literally what says it is easier to sell a second product to the old customer instead of new.
    • I am fully aware of the product that I have contracted, and I do not want more.
    • If someone from FastComet reads this, please give this topic a review.

How unintuitive the client area is. I have to tell you that sometimes I get lost in the FastComet client area, looking for an option among the buttons and opportunities mixed with advertising. It’s a frustrating feeling that I don’t like very much.

Related to the above, how unintuitive is the process of creating a Let’s Encrypt digital certificate. Comparing it, for example, with SiteGround, there is a noticeable difference. The guys at SiteGround have made issuing digital certificates child’s play. With FastComet, I don’t have that same feeling.

Conclusions and Personal opinion

FastComet is a hosting provider with outstanding features at very reasonable prices, good support, and the necessary extras to start your WordPress projects.

And you can come to this conclusion yourself if you stop at:

  • The speed tests that you have seen in the article give solidity to these good performances.
  • The price/performance ratio of your hosting plans, with FastCloud Plus being the option that offers the best balance.
  • Some of my clients and friends shared their opinion about the support they received from FastComet.

If I were you, I would give FastComet a chance.


Suppose you don’t need to buy the hosting immediately. In that case, I suggest you wait and buy it during one of the promotional periods since you will benefit from a significant discount for the first year.

And so far, my analysis and review of FastComet, a provider that I consider an excellent hosting solution for WordPress.

I trust that all the information I have provided will help you buy the best hosting for your WordPress website.

Your comments are open, so go ahead and express yourself!

Until the next article!