Best WordPress Optimized Hosting

You will agree that choosing a suitable hosting for your WordPress website is difficult, especially when starting.

Therefore, in this post, I have compared the best hosting plans for the WordPress website with good features to avoid problems with loading speed. And of course, with minimum costing.

To help you decide, I have created a comparative table between the hosting companies and their best hosting plans to start with your blog or corporate website.

You will also find some discounts that you can use to save a few dollars and the hosting plan that you would use to start a WordPress blog or business website.

Best web hosting for WordPress 2021

Here you have a comparative table between the different web hosting plans with the main characteristics.

Provider Pricing/mo Domains Storage Bandwith
FastComet $5.28 Unlimited 25 GB SSD ~50 000 visits
Kinsta $30.00 01 Website 25 GB SSD 25,000 visits
Cloudways $10.00 Unlimited 25 GB 1 TB
Hostgator $3.50 Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered
Bluehost $2.95 01 Website 50 GB 1 TB

I have compared the cheapest plans that allow you to host several domains in the same hosting package because that only allows you to host one website seems too limited to me.

Keep in mind that most hostings offer a discount for the first year, but the price can vary a lot when you renew it. That is why I have highlighted the issue of the cost of the first year.

Another thing you should know is that some of these companies give you the option of paying month by month so that you don’t have to pay a full year.

Although in general, buying an annual plan is more profitable.

1. Bluehost

It is a reputable hosting provider that has a good balance between price and performance.


I have been their customer initially, and I have also managed client websites hosted with Bluehost.

Their hosting packages are specially optimized for WordPress, especially for small websites. In addition to that, they offer good support to customers solving doubts and possible incidents.

I want to highlight that they use LiteSpeed ​​web servers, some of the fastest and allow you to use the free LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin to speed up your web page.

It is an essential point in favour because to use this type of server, and the hosting providers must pay for their license, which is a monthly cost that they must assume.

Another advantage of Bluehost is that you can choose to pay month to month instead of paying for the entire year.

If you decide to buy a hosting package with Bluehost, you can use my affiliate link to get an 80% discount.

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2. Hostgator

It is another cheap web hosting provider with good reviews and affordable prices.


Its most basic plan allows you to use many websites, which is very good because other providers do not usually offer it in their basic plans.

My experience with Exon host has been outstanding. At the server level, they have it very well configured so that WordPress works perfectly. They have a robust anti-hacking system, backup copies every 4 hours, etc.

I consider it to be a reliable hosting that offers support to its customers from the beginning. They were among the first to specialize in servers for WordPress.

In short, Hostgator will be an excellent hosting to start your blog without spending much.

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3. Cloudways

It was one of the first cloud hosting companies that I used for my blog, and the truth is that my experience with them was excellent.


They offer everything you need for your website or blog:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Servers and Spanish IP
  • First-class support
  • Free migration
  • Easy control panel
  • Automatic backups

An interesting fact is that in addition to WordPress optimized hosting, they specialize in Laravel hosting.

In short, I think it is a reliable cloud hosting company which you can start your blog website without having to worry about server crashes or technical problems.

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4. Kinsta

It is a web hosting provider specialized in WordPress with IP and a data center in various regions such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc.


They have an exclusive support forum for clients to solve doubts and possible problems you have with WordPress.

They have a custom control panel that allows you to clone and update WordPress, enough to do a test without risking loading your website.

Among all the hostings mentioned in this post, Kinsta has the highest base prices.

Finally, if you need an actual WordPress-optimized web hosting that promises fast loading, then without any doubt, chose Kinsta. It might be costly fr you, but you won’t be disappointed.

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5. FastComet – My # 1 Pick

Unlike the rest of the hostings mentioned above, this is the best Hosting provider which provides 24/7 support.


It is the hosting that I have been using on my website for two years, and I think it is the best option of all, as long as communication in English is not a problem for you.

During the two years I have been with FastComet, I did not face server crashes or anything similar, and the web’s performance has been excellent.

As they have data centers in Asia, Europe and America, you only have to choose the closest one to your target audience. In my case, I decided on the Dallas data center.

You have to remember that since they give you a 60% discount the first year, the renewal will be more expensive, but it still does not seem like an exorbitant price.

To save money and not have to pay the total price the following year, you can buy the FastComet hosting for 2 or 3 years, so with the 60% discount, the hosting for your blog would cost around $48 per year only.

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Which hosting is the best to start with my blog?

I think all the hostings that I have mentioned offer an excellent service and although they have specific differences between them, you should not have problems regardless of which one you choose.

They are not low-cost hostings of $3 per month, but I do not consider them expensive either. In addition, you are capable of spending more on a weekend that gets out of control.

My choice No. 1

If price is not a problem, but you don’t know which of the 5 to choose, I would go for FastComet. In my opinion, it is the one that offers the best benefits for the price it has.

Keep in mind that you can buy it for two years for less than $100, while with the rest, adding VAT, you would pay the same only for one year of accommodation.

My choice No. 2

If you prefer WordPress optimized hosting and have a pretty good budget, I think Kinsta will be the best hosting provider.

It allows you to host several websites, and it has good storage, data transfer and fast loading guarantee.

So far, my list of the best hosting provider for WordPress. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.