No Code Website Builders

No-code – is a programming method that does not necessarily involve writing code but rather works with GUI (Graphic User Interface) tools.

In other words, no-code tools do not depend on the knowledge and ability of their users to use code but rely on much simpler methods, allowing anyone who wants to build their website easily. And yes, without touching any code.

We will see some of these best website builder tools in this article.

1. Dorik


Dorik is a website builder platform for No Code enthusiasts and a website builder for newbies.

It comes with a few hundred templates and user interface components, which allows you to create an attractive and modern website without the need for advanced web design skills.

With Dorik, there is almost no learning curve: a custom design from scratch or a complete website design quickly using a ready-made template. Using the Dorik UI component library, the user will get the freedom to create what they need to build their website visually.

Dorik comes with integrations to your favourite tools like Zapier, Integromat, Memberstack, Google Analytics, Hotjar, MailChimp, EmailOctopus and more.


You can test Dorik in a limited free package and use a subdomain, or opt for three paid versions, from $3 per month to $5 per month for the most advanced version, which (unsurprisingly) matters among the most affordable rates on the market. You even can connect your custom domain with their paid package.


2. Code2


Recently arrived on the market, is a no-code platform that helps you create responsive web applications without coding.

Code2’s advanced visual editor and drag-and-drop interface make website building easy.

Configuration, hosting, launching and scaling: Code2 handles everything for you. It’s a true all-in-one platform that lets you build and launch customer-centric web applications without having to worry about deployment, hosting, or number limits – users or data storage.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking to grow their Business or monetize their idea (whether they’re a startup founder, business owner, or freelance), all of this without having to put your hands in the code.

PRICE will soon be offering different pricing plans, in addition to a free plan that is already available for people who want to test the solution and explore its platform. has four pricing packages, one is free for a lifetime, but the limitation is, you only can create one web application.

  • Solo: Free for life
  • Lite: $14/per month
  • Standard: $49/per month
  • Professional: $149/per month

Code2 Pricing offers a yearly package as well. You can purchase their yearly package with a 10% discount.

3. Bubble

If you need to build a web app, might be your dream solution.

Bubble platform will give you the ability to create a complete application prototype, build and launch it in a matter of hours, and scale it up as you grow. has a relatively powerful set of internal tools that are both functional and easy to use.

Equipped with a marketplace containing plugins or themes, a community forum and integration capabilities of several external tools, claims 1.2 million users.

PRICE has a free version and three other paid versions broken down as follows:

  • Hobby: Free.
  • Personal: $25 per month (paid annually) or $29 per month (paid monthly)
  • Professional: $115 per month (paid annually) or $129 per month (paid monthly)
  • Production: $475 per month (paid annually) or $529 per month (paid monthly)

4. SquareSpace


Founded in 2004, SquareSpace is a no-code website creation solution that allows you to build and modify a website without needing to know CSS or HTML while adding code if necessary.

It is a software as a service website builder: everything you need to build and maintain your site is provided for a monthly subscription, from hosting to the domain name to a web hosting tool.

Email marketing, and even an e-commerce solution, not to mention the content management system, of course, supplied with a large selection of templates, more than 130 to date.

SquareSpace’s interface is very easy to use: its editor makes it easy to change theme design elements like font, size, colour, etc.

Editing content is just as easy – locate the content you want to edit, click on the edit button and adjust it accordingly.

You can use drag-and-drop to move blocks of text or images around a page or drop content from other sections of your site onto it.


The rates are affordable and range from $11/month to $36 for the retail version if you pay annually.

Discover our comparison between Squarespace and WordPress to help you choose the best no-code tool to create your site!

5. Webflow


Webflow is another website builder platform that allows you to design and launch responsive websites without code.

Most no-code website builders allow you to customize your site up to a point, but with Webflow, you’re as free as if you had to code your site completely – it’s very customizable.

You can choose to start from scratch and build a website entirely on your own, and of course, if you want to go faster, you can use a template.


Webflow has different price points for its individual and site plans. You can start for free and then upgrade to Lite for $16 per month or Pro for $35 per month for an individual account.

Site maps start from $16 to $36 for a classic site and $29 to $212 for an online store. Your best bet is to check out

6. Carrd


Imagine Webflow but faster and more accessible: here is Carrd, a perfect no-code tool for building simpler websites. Still, Carrd is just as powerful as the other tools, but with a different focus.

It will allow you to have up to 3 websites while still being able to use all the basic features for free, and if you want to go Pro, it will only cost you between $9 and $49 per year. Yes, per year!

Because Carrd offers three paid plans with personalized options for each, simple and affordable, Carrd finds its place in this list.


  • Pro-Lite – from $9/ year
  • Pro Standard – from $ 19/year
  • Pro Plus – from $ 49/year

7. Weps


Weps is the lightest, smartest and most intuitive website builder. From mobile First design to Free domain and hosting, all you will get in Weps.

You do not have to worry about the latest web design trends because Weps keep updating their design and assets as per the latest trends.

This end-to-end approach further simplifies website creation and the “no-code” concept.


Weps, of course, offers you to simplify your life by taking care of your hosting, as well as your domain name, for €6.99 per month if you pay annually or €9.99 if you opt for the Monthly offer.

8. Thunkable


Packed with powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, Thunkable is great for creating a quick mockup and allows your app to run on IOS and Android automatically.

In addition to the ease of dragging and dropping and setting up animations, an interesting option allows you to remix examples of existing projects; Thunkable is here to help, even if you’re not a designer.


In terms of prices, Thunkable offers a free plan that allows users to have 200 MB of space in their account, ideal for testing without getting too wet. In case of crush, you can opt for a paid plan, ranging from Starter ($13/month) to Business ($167/month) via Pro ($38/month).

9. Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is not a website creator but a mobile application. Its philosophy: design first, code never.

Bravo Studio works like this: first, you draw your application in the design tool of your choice. Then you add bravo tags that will turn into components capable of triggering an action once your design is imported into Bravo Studio.

The tool allows you to build complex applications with API integrations, external imported data. And it even offers to help you test the application and publish it.


You can test a limited version for free or pay between €19 (Olé) and €49 (Bravissimo) per month.

10. Wix


You already know Wix; if not, then it’s a staple of no-code tools that we couldn’t ignore! Using Wix, you can create any website with a lot of ready-made templates.

Using Wix, creating a website, only imagination is your border, except that you will get total freedom to create your dream website.


You can start your website on Wix for free. But to use 100+ templates, unlimited pages and top-grade hosting FREE, you need to upgrade to their premium package.

Wix has various pricing plans for Website plans to create personal or blog websites and Ecommerce or Business websites.

Wix pricing

Wix price varies from US$450/month to US$2450/month. You can review Wix pricing on

11. WordPress

WordPress also has its place in the no-code tools of this list.

You will be surprised to know that 42% of the web uses WordPress. You can create almost anything using WordPress, from headless CMS to news, blogs, or even an eCommerce website.

WordPress has two solutions, a self-hosted version and cloud base solution.

If you don’t want to spend your time looking for reliable, good-value accommodation, WordPress will be the most affordable and arguably the most reliable.

Self-hosted WordPress has many solutions that you can use to build a website without knowing how to code, such as Elementor, Divi Builder, etc. is used by millions of websites today, including corporate giants like NBC, Spotify, and CNN. You can create a free WordPress site on, which offers paid plans (from $3 to $30/month depending on the selected options).

Although is seen fairly well by search engines, if you want to optimize your site for advanced SEO, you are better off on the solution because you can use premium plugins to optimize your content for SEO.

You will get tons of awesome and SEO-friendly WordPress themes, and using them, and you can create your website just within a few minutes. You can even get a 100% loading performance rating using WordPress GeneratPress theme, and Good WordPress optimized web hosting. You can see my own website loading speed reports here: wordpress laoding speed

If you choose and need a professional WordPress developer to create your website, then you can contact me. I am a professional WordPress Developer having 8+ years of Working experience on WordPress.


These 11 platforms will allow you to create your website without technical knowledge. No need to master HTML and CSS with these sites when using their pre-designed templates and plugins!

However, no-code platforms can be limited when you have specific needs and fully customize your website. In this case, it is advisable to hire a freelance web developer to create the features you need.