How to choose a HIT app ideas

I am assuming that you’ve studied the app market and you see an opportunity. Now its time to make a crucial decision – which app ideas to choose. A lot of great app ideas have ended up in the back of the line, not making…

Google Play Store - Understand The Marketplace

Google and App Store – Understand The Marketplace

Its time to develop the 6th sense and understand how to navigate the google app marketplace to see what’s popular and trending. Start forming your app ideas, or if you have an idea already, keeping an eye out for your competition. With any business, your…

Top 30 Ways to Market using Social Media

Top 30 Ways to Market using Social Media

It seems like every few years, a new social network emerges from the woodwork and becomes popular. All too frequently, businesses and marketers shrug off social media as a means for traffic and lead generation. This is a huge mistake. You see, social media has…

Introduction to CPA Marketing

Introduction to CPA Marketing for beginners

CPA stands for Cost-per-action or Cost-per-acquisition. CPA is an online advert payment model which allows advertisers to pay for qualifying actions such as a sale or a registration or something along the lines. These can be the most simplest things like:

IELTS লিসেনিং এ 7+ স্কোর করার ৫টি টিপস

IELTS লিসেনিং এ 7+ স্কোর করার ৫টি টিপস

IELTS এর লিসেনিং এমন একটি স্কিল টেস্ট, যেখানে ৯ এ ৯ পাওয়া সম্ভব। কেননা IELTS Reading এ আপনাকে ১ ঘন্টাতে ৩টি প্যাসেজ সল্ভ করতে হবে, খুবই কঠিন। Speaking এ টিচারের ইচ্ছা, তবে কনফর্ম থাকেন যে আপনাকে ৯ এ ৯ দিবে না। Writting এ ও টিচারের…

Free Resources to Grow Your Blog

In the past few years, blogging has evolved to a great extent, and several platforms and tools have now emerged to make our blogging journey a bit easier. Do you want to know what tools and resources you need to grow your blog? I will tell…

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