Learn PHP for WordPress Development (Full Guide)

PHP for WordPress Development

Suppose, right now you have a WordPress website and you configured your template, read a little about template tags, and maybe even modified the functions.php file in the theme editor of the administration panel.

But now, you want your skills to move to the next level and dig deeper into the code.

Luckily, WordPress is a good CMS to start. There is a good bunch of documentation available, the code is easy to read for the most part, it is self-explanatory and not too hard to remember.

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Pretty Link: Shorten and Customize Your Affiliate URL


Pretty Links, the link shortener to shorten and customize your URLs from your WordPress dashboard.

You’ve probably already visited sites which are full of affiliate links. You also know, those advertising links allow a blogger to get paid if you buy a product by going through his link?

I am not against the affiliate link sharing, if it is done well. If the site is transparent on the subject, and offers me via the affiliate to discover quality products, recommended knowingly, it is a win-win !

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10 Keys to choose the Best WordPress theme


10 key steps to take into action when choosing a new theme for your self-hosted WordPress website, from the adaptable design, design options and the most advanced tools.

Are you starting your new website in a WordPress of your own? All right! I will try to help you to choose the right WordPress theme for your website or your blog. Its a very essential key step when starting a website project. Let’s see why.

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Stop WordPress Spam Comment in Ninja Style

Stop WordPress Spam Comment in Ninja Style Shameem

WordPress spam, Comment spam, Registration spam – These are the most common questions. I even saw people to use a lot of plugins or premium services to fight with WordPress Spam Comment.

As like others WordPress users, I also facing this spam comment and its bothering me a lot. Few years ago I developed and released a WordPress Spam block plugin. But latter I removed that as this could be done by WordPress default setting and some others tweaking.

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Learn WordPress Development: The Right Way

WordPress Development : The Learning Path Shameem

WordPress Development is tricky to learn and yes, a massively useful skill. Even learning WordPress development might seem like a daunting thing to do but it all comes down to getting started.

To be a Good WordPress developer you have to learn quite lot of things like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc. Learning WordPress development is very easy but as mentioned earlier bit tricky. You have to follow a good learning path, if you really want to be a good WordPress developer.

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Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources shameem

When you will test your website’s performance by different tools or website such as Google, GTMetrix, Pingdom, KeyCDN etc., you must have seen an issue named “Remove query strings from static resources“.

To speed up your WordPress website’s performance, you should to remove query strings from static resources.

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